Wendy Waldman
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NEW!!  Back By Fall, A Retrospective
Back By Fall Retrospective

Wendy is very happy to announce that there is now a compilation drawn from all 8 Wendy Waldman studio albums, 1973-2007. It is a 2-CD digital set. it wasn't easy to pick the songs, but we hope our friends enjoy it! More Info
Lefsetz Review (Oct. '12)
"... Then there are other songs, less famous, that mean even more to me, because they're mine. Never played on the radio, never discussed in the paper, but part of my own personal pantheon. Like 'Restless In Mind.'

I love Wendy Waldman's music. I bought her initial album upon the recommendation of "Rolling Stone" and I was not disappointed. I still play it forty years on. But Wendy never broke through. She had a few hits, sung by others, but stop people on the street and they're clueless.

But a few years back, not that many, in this century, Wendy released an album of loose ends entitled Seeds and Orphans and there's this cut on there entitled 'Restless In Mind.' I play it at least twice a week. When nothing is going right, when I need to feel in the pocket, I pull it up on my iPod. It never disappoints."
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of
Love Has Got Me
"Singer-songwriter debut of the year."
-- Rolling Stone 1973
The Songs of Wendy Waldman & Mietek Szcześniak
Mietek Signs
Now avaiable in our online store!!
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