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A Comprehensive Guide to POTS Line Replacement Options

POTS Line Replacement

POTS Line Replacement

Many universities rely on copper lines to support devices like fax machines, elevator phones, and fire alarms. The escalating costs of POTS Line Replacement and maintenance are a significant reason to consider upgrading your facilities’ legacy communication systems to something more modern.

It’s time to start assessing your community’s needs and determine the best solution for POTS line replacement.


Many building owners are seeking alternatives as the big telcos move to decommission analog copper POTS lines. This is specifically true for appliances that rely on an analog dial tone for communication, such as fire alarms, burglar alarms, e-911, pinpoint of sale (PoS) systems, elevators, and gate entry controls.

Fortunately, there is an affordable POTS line replacement option that is easy to implement and offers many features. It’s known as VoIP or Voice over Web Convention. Unlike traditional landlines, VoIP connects to the internet via Ethernet instead of copper wires. This digital connection can replace analog dial tones on devices such as fax machines, e-911, and fire alarms, which may require unique communications protocols. It also provides failover cellular connectivity and an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) backup for reliable performance during a power outage or poor cell signal.

Moreover, for building owners with multiple locations that require copper POTS lines, a unified VoIP solution can eliminate billing hassles by centralizing invoicing into one account and billing structure. 


While many businesses are moving to cloud-based unified communications platforms for phone systems, they keep copper analog lines around for fax, alarms, and elevator call buttons. These lines are vital for business continuity and compliance, but maintaining them is expensive and time-consuming fro POTS Line Replacement.

The major telcos have been working to decommission copper analog lines for years, thanks to declining subscribership and aging infrastructure. By introducing pricing structures that auto-increased and made copper lines uneconomical, they were able to push customers towards other solutions: VoIP landline services and cellular landlines.

Fortunately, switching from copper to wireless is easier than ever. Using the same technology as cellular phones, POTS Link lets you replace up to 8 copper lines with a single device that provides a secure and reliable connection that doesn’t depend on a physical line that can get damaged in a storm or need frequent maintenance.

It is conducive for facilities that rely on traditional copper lines for life safety devices. Employees and patrons are at risk when those lines are out of service. By switching to a wireless solution, owners can monitor all lines remotely and know that their mission-critical devices are online. It saves person-hours each day and reduces the stress of a downed line. Unlike traditional copper, wireless devices also come with an onboard UPS battery that provides backup power in case of a loss of electricity.


In POTS Line Replacement, Analog lines are based on the original Alexander Graham Bell phone system, which relies on copper twisted wires to convey analog signals. You might remember these landlines from childhood when you connected to a neighbor or business by dialing their number on your telephone. While these systems can still be used for voice calls, most organizations are moving to newer technologies, such as VoIP and cellular connections, for their communication needs.

However, the FCC requires major carriers to sunset copper POTS lines by August 2022, making it necessary for businesses to consider alternative options. Those who choose to stick with these old-school landlines will continue to pay expensive service fees and taxes while experiencing high outage rates, long wait times for repairs, and limited functionality without POTS Line Replacement.

While replacing your traditional devices may be cost-prohibitive, POTS line replacement solutions seamlessly transition from copper to reliable LTE cellular or VoIP connections. It can reduce your monthly expenses, improve reliability and uptime, and enable you to take advantage of advanced features like HD video conferencing, VoIP PBX, and VoIP backups. 


Many organizations rely on copper analog lines to connect life-saving devices like fire alarm control panels, fax machines, and elevator phone systems. Unfortunately, this infrastructure is aging, and telecommunication carriers are retiring copper lines due to high costs and the need to invest in next-generation networks.

The FCC’s decision to sunset some POTS lines and deregulate pricing by August 2022 has clarified that now is the time to replace your old analog POTS Line Replacement with a more cost-effective digital alternative. Telecom companies offer a complete suite of POTS line replacement solutions, including VoIP and LTE cellular, to help you cut your connectivity costs, save on maintenance expenses, and future-proof your business.

The all-in-one POTS Link kit easily replaces your analog signal with a secure, encrypted wireless connection powered by 4G LTE. The device is compatible with your existing equipment and can support up to 8 lines. With a low OpEx pricing model, up to 50% cost savings, industry-leading technical support, and 24/7/365 visibility, POTSLink is the ideal choice for your business.

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