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How Integrated NetSuite Credit Card Processing Streamlines Your Sales Process

Integrated NetSuite Credit Card Processing

Integrated NetSuite Credit Card Processing

Using NetSuite’s payments, you can process all your payments through one system—from customer payment to funds disbursement to vendor accounts. It eliminates the need for multiple, overlapping integrations with different gateways and reduces your PCI compliance burden.

To use SuitePayments, a gateway and processor must be certified by NetSuite and join the ‘club.’ It is a costly endeavour for the providers.

Real-Time Payment Reconciliation

A payment solution that’s seamlessly integrated into NetSuite allows for real-time, automatic sales and transaction data sync. It eliminates double data entry and much of the manual work that comes with it, saving you time and money.

In addition, when orders are processed through a payments integration that’s fully integrated with NetSuite, the funds’ settlement (capture) process is also done in real-time, which saves your team even more time. It is because the payment gateway checks with the issuing bank to verify that the funds were approved before transferring them from the issuer’s account to your merchant services provider’s account, crediting the sale in NetSuite.

In addition, several comprehensive solutions are available, including Cybersource and MerchantE, which provide top-notch fraud prevention services. These services can significantly reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activities and chargebacks. It is because they offer a portfolio of world-class capabilities such as domestic and international acceptance, card tokenization, recurring billing, and 3-D Secure 2.0. It helps you minimize your cost of doing business and can give you a competitive edge with customers looking for the highest level of security.

Reduced Risk of Fraud

A payment integration that combines ERP with CRM can help you improve the efficiency of your sales and customer service teams by making it easier for them to track order status and communicate with customers. A robust fraud management solution can also help you keep bad actors off your system and your customers safe.

Managing your business finances has always been challenging with our credit card processing solution fully integrated with NetSuite. Say goodbye to the monotonous chore of manually inputting data and welcome the seamless integration that liberates you to focus on what matters growing your business. It also provides a single source of truth for sales and financial transactions. Integrating your payment solution with your ERP is necessary to save money, optimize your cash flow, and provide a top-notch customer experience. It’s time to take action and implement this solution that perfectly meets your needs.

Integrated NetSuite credit card processing can integrate with your account, ensuring that your accounting software accurately records all credit card transaction details. It can also improve workflow and productivity by reducing time reconciling credit card transactions with your sales records.

Choosing a NetSuite-compatible payment processor is crucial to ensure that your NetSuite and ERP systems are wholly aligned. Look for a gateway or processor invited into the SuitePayments program and vetted, certified, and supported by NetSuite. Then, choose a partner with a standard set of programmable hooks and a proven track record of working well with the NetSuite ecosystem.

Streamlined Order Fulfillment

The ability to close deals quickly for sales teams depends on many factors. These include effective lead management, accurate quotes and invoices, and streamlined fulfillment and payment processes. Streamlining these activities across systems can improve workflow, eliminate errors, and reduce costs.

Through the seamless integration of a sales enablement platform with NetSuite and Salesforce, data sharing between accounting and sales teams becomes streamlined, eliminating the need for manual platform transfers. This integration facilitates efficient order fulfillment and billing by the finance team, ensuring that sales have accurate information for credit card processing. The result is an acceleration of quote-to-cash cycles, the reduction of billing errors, and the enhancement of revenue recognition processes.

By integrating NetSuite and Salesforce, accounting and sales teams can share data efficiently without requiring manual platform transfer. It allows the finance team to fulfill efficiently and bill orders while ensuring sales are provided with the correct information for credit card processing. It helps to speed up quote-to-cash cycles, eliminate billing errors, and strengthen revenue recognition processes.

Integrated NetSuite payment processing provides businesses with robust versatility that can be used to manage all of their sales orders, including web and phone order-to-cash, subscriptions, and point-of-sale payments. Using a single solution reduces the work needed to reconcile transactions in your accounting system and eliminates double-entry. It also reduces the burden of PCI compliance by removing your company network from sensitive payment data handling processes.

Processing credit cards directly within your NetSuite account guarantees customers a quick and hassle-free checkout process. It elevates their overall experience and guarantees a seamless transaction. It enables you to offer discounts, rewards programs, and other initiatives encouraging loyalty and recurring business. It can increase your average ticket size, reduce your days-sales-outstanding and help you to improve cash flow by getting money into the bank faster.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers today expect all their online shopping experiences to be seamless, especially regarding payment processing. Having everything integrated and working together can make or break customer satisfaction. Hence, a fully-integrated NetSuite solution offering credit card processing and other payments makes much sense for your business.

SuitePayments, the credit card processing gateway provided by NetSuite in partnership with CyberSource and Host Merchant Services, empowers businesses to accept diverse payment methods through one reliable platform. It helps to save time, improve workflow, streamlines payments, and reduce the risk of fraud.

It’s also a great way to keep all your financial information in one place. The streamlined process reduces the number of systems that must be reconciled and helps ensure your team has the data they need to make accurate decisions.

Once your business has been approved to use SuitePayments, adding the new credit card processor to your NetSuite account is as simple as adding the new one. To do this, search for your new gateway and select the appropriate option under the ‘Gateway Request Types’ field. Once complete, you can use the new gateway to authorize and capture sales orders. Changing the gateway does not affect existing order shipment confirmations or invoices already in process, and it can be managed in stages by turning off the old gateway request types.

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