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Mercy Health Urgent Care and Your One-Stop Solution for Prompt Medical Care

mercy health urgent care


Mercy Health Urgent Care provides prompt clinical attention for non-lifestyles-threatening illnesses and injuries. Walk-in appointments are to be had. Visit us nowadays. When you or a loved one falls unwell or gets injured, the last thing you need is to spend hours in a crowded emergency room or wait days to look for a primary care medical doctor. This is where Mercy Health Urgent Care is available – as your one-prevent solution for set-off hospital therapy. This writing will discover the whole lot you need to recognize approximately Health Urgent Care, from what it’s far to its services, the blessings of choosing Health Urgent Care, and how to find one close to you.

What is Mercy Health Urgent Care?

Mercy Health Urgent Care is a scientific facility network presenting prompt, lower-priced, incredible healthcare services to sufferers with non-life-threatening conditions. The pressing care centers are staffed by licensed physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical doctor assistants with the capabilities and information to diagnose and treat numerous ailments and accidents, from common colds to minor fractures.

The services furnished through Mercy Health Urgent Care consist of:

1. Diagnosis and remedy of illnesses consisting of the flu, strep throat, urinary tract infections, allergies, etc.

2. Treatment of teen accidents which includes cuts, burns, sprains, and lines.

3. Occupational fitness services encompass pre-employment physicals, drug trying out, and employee repayment.

4. Vaccinations and immunizations.

5. Travel medicine offerings include pre-tour consultations, vaccinations, and medication prescriptions.

Why Choose Mercy Health Urgent Care?

There are numerous benefits of choosing Health Urgent Care for your healthcare wishes:

1. Convenient Locations: 

Mercy Health Urgent Care has multiple locations at some stage in its groups, making finding one close to your own home or workplace smooth.

2. Extended Hours:

 Mercy Health Urgent Care centers are open seven days per week, with prolonged hours to accommodate sufferers wanting scientific interest doors and ordinary commercial enterprise hours.

3. Short Wait Times: 

Unlike emergency rooms with lengthy wait instances, Mercy Health Urgent Care centers provide a spark of scientific interest, with maximum sufferers being seen within an hour of their arrival.

4. Affordable Care:

 Mercy Health Urgent Care offers affordable medical care and accepts maximum insurance plans, together with Medicaid and Medicare. Find more information about Dental Negligence Compensation UK.

5. Quality Care:

 Mercy Health Urgent Care centers are staffed employing licensed medical professionals who offer remarkable care to sufferers. The centers are also authorized by using the Urgent Care Association, ensuring they meet strict standards for great safety.

How to Find a Mercy Health Urgent Care Center Near You

Finding a Mercy Health Urgent Care center close to you is simple. You can use the Health internet site to look for urgent care centers using zip code, metropolis, or state. On the other hand, you might name the Wellbeing Pressing Consideration hotline at (888) 338-2273 for help tracking down a middle near you.

Data about Benevolence Wellbeing Critical Consideration

Wellbeing Critical Consideration is your one-hinder reply for a flash-off logical deal with non-presence undermining diseases and wounds. With multiple places, prolonged hours, short wait times, low-cost care, and top-notch clinical interest, Health Urgent Care is the right preference for every person who wishes clinical attention but doesn’t need to wait in a crowded emergency room or timetable an appointment with a primary care medical doctor. So, the subsequent time you or a loved one wishes for medical interest, keep in mind Health Urgent Care for quick, convenient, and incredible care.

Additional Information about Mercy Health Urgent Care

1. Services Offered

Besides the overall offerings provided using Health Urgent Care, they also provide a variety of specialized services. These encompass sports physicals, gynecologic care, STD checking out and remedy, and wound care. The urgent care centers also provide comply with-up care for sufferers treated inside the emergency branch or hospitalized.

2. Insurance Coverage

Health Urgent Care accepts maximum coverage plans, together with Medicare and Medicaid. Patients also can pay out of pocket if they don’t have insurance coverage.

3. Patient Feedback

Mercy Health Urgent Care values patient remarks and constantly strives to improve its offerings. Patients can offer remarks by using finishing a pleasure survey when they visit the urgent care center. The input is used to improve the exceptional care the centers offer.

4. Health Information

Mercy Health Urgent Care offers a wealth of health statistics on its website. Patients can get admission to facts on not unusual illnesses and accidents, preventive fitness care, and wholesome dwelling guidelines. The statistics are updated often and are designed to assist patients make informed decisions about their fitness. For more info about Proactive Health.


What is Kindness Wellbeing Earnest Consideration?

Wellbeing Dire Consideration is a medical services supplier that proposes on-the-spot logical interest for non-dangerous diseases and mishaps.

What services does Mercy Health Urgent Care offer?

Health Urgent Care offers numerous offerings, consisting of treatment for minor illnesses, injuries, and physicals. They also provide on-web page X-rays and lab testing.

What are the hours of operation for Mercy Health Urgent Care?

The hours of operation for Health Urgent Care vary by using area, but many are open seven days every week with extended night and weekend hours.

Do I need an appointment to go to Mercy Health Urgent Care?

No, appointments aren’t essential for Health Urgent Care. Patients can walk in and acquire scientific attention on a primary-come, first-served basis.

Table Of Mercy Health

Mercy Health Urgent Care LocationsHours of Operation
Grand Rapids, MIMon-Sun: 8 am-8 pm
Cincinnati, OHMon-Sun: 9 am-9 pm
Springfield, OHMon-Sun: 9 am-9 pm
Muskegon, MIMon-Sun: 8am-8 pm
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