Back By Fall: A Retrospective - CD (2012)


Back By Fall: A Retrospective - CD (2012)

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Wendy Waldman's first career retrospective drawn from all eight Wendy Waldman studio albums, 1973-2007

  1. Vaudeville Man
  2. Pirate Ships
  3. Love Has Got Me
  4. Waiting for the Rain
  5. Mad Mad Me
  6. Cold Back On Me
  7. Spring Is Here
  8. Sundown
  9. Western Lullaby
  10. Wild Bird
  11. Eagle and the Owl
  12. The Main Refrain
  13. Prayer for You
  14. Living Is Good
  15. Back By Fall
  16. Strange Company
  17. The Wind in New York City
  18. Long Hot Summer Nights
  19. Love Is the Only Goal
  20. We'll See in the End
  21. Time Like Your Wire Wheels
  22. Gotta Get Over You
  23. Which Way to Main Street
  24. Does Anybody Want to Marry Me
  25. Heartbeat
  26. Letter Home
  27. This Wall
  28. Destined to Be Wild
  29. The Longest Summer
  30. My Time in the Desert
  31. Save the Best for Last
  32. You Plant Your Fields
  33. Carves New Rivers
  34. My Last Thought
  35. Fishin in the Dark

All songs written by Wendy Waldman except "Heartbeat" written by Wendy Waldman & Eric Kaz, "My Time In The Desert" written by Wendy Waldman & Sally Barris, "Save the Best for Last" written by Wendy Waldman, Jon Lind & Phil Galdston, "You Plant Your Fields" written by Wendy Waldman & Donny Lowery, and "Fishing in the Dark" written by Wendy Waldman & Jim Photoglo.

Compilation Produced by Wendy Waldman with Mark Nubar
© 2012 on Longhouse Records