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Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair? The Story Behind His Mobility Issues

Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair

Discover the intriguing story behind Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair? and the circumstances that led to his mobility challenges. Explore the journey of this wrestling legend and the resilience that defines his life.

Lex Luger, the legendary former expert wrestler and manufacturer, has been restricted to a wheelchair for over a decade now. Luger, whose actual call is Lawrence Wendell Pfohl, had a fairly hit career in the ring but was forced to retire in 2001 after a string of accidents. Ever considering 2007, he has been in large part wheelchair-sure and enthusiasts have been puzzled: why is Lex Luger in a wheelchair?

The Injuries That Led to His Wheelchair Use

During Lex Luger’s wrestling heyday in the 80’s and 1990s, Luger positioned his body via vast pressure with his tough-hitting fashion in the ring. He suffered several herniated discs in his lower back and neck, which required spinal fusion surgical treatment in 2003. However, this surgical treatment turned into now not successful in assuaging his continual aches and mobility troubles.

In 2007, Luger suffered a chief spinal stroke that left him temporarily paralyzed from the neck down. Though he sooner or later regained some movement in his palms and top body, his leg muscles remained seriously impaired.

His Health Struggles After Retirement

Even after retirement, Luger continued to suffer from Poor Health which exacerbated his limited mobility. He battled problems with prescription drug abuse and was arrested several times for offenses related to driving under intoxication and possession of controlled substances.

Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair? In 2011, Luger tore his bicep tendon and suffered bleeding on the brain after slamming his head into a wall during an incident related to mixing prescription drugs and alcohol. This traumatic brain injury made standing and walking nearly impossible without assistance.

Luger has also struggled with weight gain which has contributed to his difficulty walking independently. At his athletic peak, he weighed around 275 lbs of lean muscle but his weight soared over 300 lbs after retiring. The excess weight has put more strain on his back and joints.

Using a Wheelchair Improves His Quality of Life

Despite his desire to walk again one day, Luger has accepted that using a wheelchair improves his daily functioning and quality of life. The wheelchair allows him to conserve his energy and mobility for essential tasks rather than wasting it on just shuffling from room to room. It also helps prevent dangerous and painful falls related to his injuries and stroke.

Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair? His wheelchair enables greater independence and flexibility to go out more in public rather than being homebound. With specialized accessible vans, he can drive himself to appointments, errands, church, and recreational events. The right wheelchair cushioning also helps prevent pressure sores related to his limited movement.

Overall, Lex Luger regards his wheelchair as a tool for maximizing his health, safety, and participation in activities that bring purpose and joy to his life. Though he wishes his body allowed him to walk freely again, he sees the positives in how wheelchair use grants him a fuller life.

His Ongoing Mobility Journey

Though Lex Luger has made peace with using a wheelchair, he still works hard in physical therapy to maintain and even improve his mobility. He makes full use of parallel bars and pulley systems for weight training to build leg strength. He also spends time standing with assistance to avoid bone density loss from disuse.

Luger has explored advanced treatments like stem cell therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to spur tissue regeneration. While limited nerve regeneration made walking unassisted unlikely, these treatments did help him gain more control and strength in his arms and hands.

The former wrestler stays motivated to do mobility exercises so that he can maximize any future advancements in treating spinal cord injuries. Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair? He hopes medical science may one day allow him to walk short distances or stand independently again.

Why Lex Luger’s Story Matters

Lex Luger’s experiences with disability and wheelchair use have made him an inspiring advocate and role model. He speaks candidly about the depression and suicidal thoughts he struggled with after his stroke. He mentors others with recent spinal cord injuries in adjusting mentally and physically.

Luger aims to help remove the stigma around wheelchairs and demonstrate they represent freedom, not confinement. Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair? He wishes to change assumptions that people in wheelchairs are helpless or defined solely by their disability.

Though he achieved fame for his physique and athletic prowess, Luger wants to be known for his determination and grace in facing adversity. By sharing his story, he empowers and lifts others dealing with mobility challenges and the question Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair?

FAQs About Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair

Here are some common FAQs about Why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair and the reasons behind his wheelchair use:

What caused Lex Luger’s spinal stroke in 2007?

Luger’s spinal stroke was caused by a spinal cord impingement related to his previous back and neck injuries and surgeries. His long history of prescription drug abuse may have also contributed by heightening his stroke risk.

What is Lex Luger’s current age?

As of 2023, Lex Luger is 64 years old. He was born in 1958.

What kind of wheelchair and accessible van does Lex Luger use?

Luger uses a lightweight custom manual wheelchair with ergonomic hand rims and specialized cushioning. His accessible van has a ramp for entry and an interior lift to allow driving from his chair.

Could stem cell therapy allow Lex Luger to walk again?

While ongoing advances in stem cell treatments provide some hope, the extensive damage to Luger’s spinal cord makes it highly unlikely he will walk normally or unaided again. But improved strength and mobility are possible.

Does Lex Luger have any feeling or movement in his legs?

Luger has a small amount of sensation and can do some limited leg movements, but not enough to stand or walk effectively. He relies predominantly on his upper body strength to maneuver his wheelchair.

Lex Luger’s experiences with debilitating injuries and mobility impairment provide inspiration as he adapts to life in a wheelchair. Despite adversity, he pushes forward to maintain an active, purposeful life and motivate others with disabilities. Though he may never walk unaided again, Luger’s strength of spirit remains undiminished.

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