scrum project

How to Start Your First Scrum Project

Does your team operate through the waterfall method of software development? This can be effective, but it can also make your team inefficient. To provide the most benefit to you and your team, switching to the scrum approach may be the way to go. The scrum method of project management was developed in the 1990s…

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Why Handheld Radios Are Used in Different Industries

While cell phones are commonplace in our everyday lives, there are certain jobs where radios are necessary. These devices provide a wide range of benefits that mobile phones cannot, including emergency communication without the need for working cell towers. Two-way radios (walkie-talkies) are built to be durable with rugged models that meet military standards and…

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SEO Factors

5 Technical SEO Factors You Need to Know

A well-optimized site is critical for achieving top rankings in search engines. However, keeping your site’s technical SEO in check is equally important. This includes making your website fast and mobile-friendly and ensuring it is easy to navigate and understand for crawlers. Having all these features is the foundation of robust technical SEO. Loading Time…

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Blast Room

The Importance of Blast Rooms in Surface Preparation

Blasting is a vital surface preparation process that helps to remove rust, scale, and old coatings. It also prepares the surface for optimal powder coating adhesion. When properly designed, blast rooms are critical to surface preparation processes. They provide a controlled and safe environment for abrasive blasting, ensuring optimal results every time. Abrasive Media Abrasive…

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custom challenge coin

Challenge Coins for Law Enforcement

Challenge coins are a long-standing tradition in the military, and they’ve become a staple of law enforcement. They’re used to reward achievement, promote camaraderie, and strengthen unity within a unit. They’re often given as awards but are also a perfect way to recognize volunteers and employees. They can even be worn as a badge of…

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