If you are curious about how technology has advanced, you might want to take a look at these fun and interesting facts about technology. From the history of a Russian computer that worked on water to a fifteen-year-old boy who hijacked a NASA computer, you’ll learn about all kinds of surprising facts that you might have never heard before. 

Facebook’s logo is a normal blue colour 

Facebook’s logo has undergone a number of tweaks and updates over the years. The original logo featured a pale blue color, which was the first letter of the company name. However, the blue version of the logo has since been retired. 

Although the logo has been upgraded and redesigned, it remains a recognizable part of the Facebook brand image. It also plays a very prominent role in web architecture. 

The company is in the business of collecting data about users and their habits, including the time they spend on the site. They use this information to create ads, which in turn generate revenue.  In addition to the logo, Facebook also uses a number of different icons. These are used to evoke the feeling of conformity and security. 

NASA computers were hijacked by a 15-year-old 

In 1999, a 15-year-old kid named Jonathan James hacked NASA computers. Although he was not the first to do so, he was the first to be sentenced to federal prison for it. His actions caused a three-week shutdown of the agency’s systems. He also made the news for installing a backdoor on a military department computer. 

Other than that, he did not take any particularly destructive actions in the systems that were compromised. As a result, he was not given the same punishment as his peers. 

The hacker’s feats were not confined to the office, as the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, managed 23 spacecraft and developed rocket engines. It is estimated that the center’s IT system cost the NASA more than a million dollars to maintain. 

Internet speeds are 17,800 times faster than the current standard high speed internet 

There’s a new internet provider with super fast speeds. Elon Musk’s Starlink service can deliver speeds up to 17800 times faster than current standard high speed connections.  This fast internet is ideal for people who regularly stream movies in 4K. It also makes it easier for you to do high-bandwidth activities such as downloading large video game files. 

A faster Internet connection will eliminate long load times. You can multitask with more than one Wi-Fi device at once. The FCC recommends download speeds of at least 25 Mbps for most online activities. However, you may experience buffering when streaming video. 

Your Internet speed depends on a number of factors, including your home’s configuration, your equipment and the type of internet service you choose. While it may cost you more to have a faster connection, it can save you money and convenience. 

Apple iPhone advertisements always have the time set to 9:41 on the phone’s screen 

Apple iPhone advertisements always show the time at 9:41 AM. This is the time when Steve Jobs first announced the original iPhone in 2007. The iPhone has become an iconic item for Apple, and the Apple marketing materials and images have also followed this tradition. 

However, the 9:41 time isn’t just used for product announcements. It also has a surprisingly practical use for Apple iPhone advertising. Many companies will show a watch in promotional images because of aesthetic reasons. For example, the 10:10 time is symmetrical, allowing for an unobscured logo. And, the 10:10 time is also often used to frame a brand name. The Apple Watch also uses this time in its promotional images. So, is it a coincidence? Or is it a nod to the launch of the iPhone? 

Russians developed a computer that functioned on water 

The Russians invented a computer that used water to power it. It’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s an impressive feat of engineering.  The Lukyanov water computer was a multi-layered device containing glass tubes filled with water. The computer was capable of carrying out computations, but the most impressive feature was the way it solved the world’s first partial differential equation. 

This machine, designed by Vladimir Lukyanov, was an impressive piece of technology. While not as advanced as a modern digital computer, the machine was impressive enough to be regarded as the first of its kind. Eventually, Lukyanov’s device was discontinued in favor of a more modern design. Interestingly, this water powered hulk was displayed in the Polytechnic Museum of Moscow. During its brief life, the machine was deemed a technological marvel, and it continues to attract a following even today.