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Mietek Szczesniak's new track (English version) written with Gary Baker, Matt Johnson, Mietek and Wendy. The city of Kalisz celebrates its 1850th birthday with this tune!

Besides co-writing the song, Wendy also produced it, plays guitar and sings backing vocals on the track.

Photos from September 10, 2009
Recording Session with Wendy Waldman
John Cowan, Kenny Edwards & Scott Babcock
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2012 CD Cover Changes!

My Time in the Desert Seeds & Orphans, Vol. 2

My Time In The Desert (2007) and Seeds And Orphans, Vol. 2 (2009).

My Time In The Desert got a bright new cover with a photo by Ron Sarfaty and design by Russ Paris.

Seeds And Orphans, Vol. 2 got a beautiful new cover with a photo by Jacek Poremba and design by Mark Nubar.

The old covers are now collectors items and will not be reprinted.

October 20, 2012

After a long and intermittently very hot summer here in Northridge, I woke up to rain this morning. I had been late coming home, driving back from Orange County at 2AM after playing a set in Dan Navarro's room at the Folk Alliance Region West (FAR-West) conference. It was great to see some good friends there, and to try out a few new songs. I must admit, that Kenny Edwards was sorely missed by all of us as he always is. I miss him deeply every single day. But the marvelous thing I've noticed is that people are starting to play his songs--one guy did "Misery and Happiness," and it sounded like some old mountain tune that had been found in the Alan Lomax archives. I KNOW Kenny would love this more than anything, the thought that his music is living on and is becoming part of people's repertoire. I was asked to sing with Steve Postell, a great talent in his own right, on a song that Kenny and I wrote, "This Time Around." As writers, what more could we ask, but that our songs become ingrained in the general setlist....

This last year has been very busy. In the beginning of the year, I was privileged to produce Lisa Haley/s new cd--she being a pillar in the Zydeco community for two plus decades--but this album's mandate was to push some boundaries into Americana and folk as well, and we did it admirably. I'm very proud of this project, "Joy Ride," with fantastic songs she wrote--and a few of mine too...:) We had two great bands, all stellar musicians: Leland Sklar, Scott Babcock, Bryan Head, Phil Hurley, Chuck Alvarez, Matt Rollings, David Jackson, Gee Rabe, Rick Krizman, Andy Anders, Eric Rigler, Dan Navarro, Abe Parker, and the Refugees. It was the first real production I've done in my new studio here at the Longhouse and the room sounds pretty great, the project engineered by Rob Hoffman, Bruce Greenspan and Mike Sawitzke. Rob mixed it. It was a blast and we ate Cajun food every night to boot.

Not long after that came time to even up my long standing trade with the "guitarpenter," the brilliant Dave Tucker, who masterminded the building of the Longhouse. Dave is a double threat--killer musician and master carpenter. After a lot of hard work, he showed up here with a stack of wonderful songs, and we went into the studio to cut "In Kind," his album with Tom Fillman, Phil Hurley and Ted Russell Kamp. Mike Sawitzke engineered and Rob Hoffman mixed--I have dubbed this album the "sleeper of the year" from the Longhouse--it's a wonderful cd, and Dave's singing is quite marvelous, not to mention his writing.

But wait, there’s more!!!!! Last week, in Europe, a cd was released jointly by Hemifran in Sweden and the Italian label Route 61. It’s a project for charity, which Hemifran does every year--this cd is called "Music is Love," and features many fine artists doing the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I was fortunate to snag David Crosby's masterpiece, "Guinnevere," and to do a version of it featuring Karla Bonoff, John Cowan, Mietek, and myself, with Phil Hurley, Scott Babcock, John Cowan and me cutting the track. Mike Sawitzke and I mixed this project and it's one of the best things I think I've ever produced in my life!! It will be available in the the states soon, and there's a website: www.musicislovetribute.com

A few American folk specialty shows are starting to play it--it's a wonderful cd, with all sorts of fine artists participating.

We are preparing to make an American and western European version of Mietek's cd "Signs," which is a project that is worthy of its own blog. He is one of the greatest singers I've ever worked with in my life, and the five years of commuting between Poland and the U.S. for both of us, involving Polish and American musicians, has been a fantastic experience. The next blog will be about this project, and it won't be a year, I promise.

I'm starting work on the next WW solo cd. It's been a while and the decks are finally clear for it. I'm very excited about it, though as always, nervous... and I'm also doing some solo concerts, and quite committed to doing piano music as well as guitar stuff, even the dulcimer. Next year is the 40th anniversary of "Love Has Got Me," released on Warner Brothers. Man, where does the time go??

My colleagues the brilliant Shyboy (Jason Arnold) and Mark Nubar are just now releasing a wonderful project in which both Abe Parker, my smarter-than-me offspring, and I collaborated. We both have songs on this great cd as well as having participated as players and singers. Shyboy just debuted our new track "Marion Crane" at the Carmel Film Festival.

There are some other exciting projects coming up but we'll discuss those later...

So, fall has come to the north San Fernando valley. I'd like to go out and work in the garden, but the truth is my hands are full with practice, rehearsal, and composition every day, and that's a good thing.

I send best wishes to everyone and as the calendar shifts, I find that I am able to work more closely with the website and Facebook. I salute my patient webmaster Russ Paris.

Wendy Waldman
October 20, 2012 from The Longhouse
Northridge, California

The Longhouse door in the rain:
Longhouse Doors 2012


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