6+ iPhone tips and tricks for power users


The iPhone is one of the most powerful and versatile smartphones available. It offers a plethora of features that go beyond the surface. If you are looking to harness the full potential of your iPhone, here are six plus advanced tricks and tips. Utilizing these tips will enhance your iPhone experience. 

Master Shortcuts And Automation 

Use the Shortcuts application to create personalized workflows that automate repetitive tasks, such as sending pre-written messages or carrying out complex sequences involving several applications. 

Through the use of this application, you can boost productivity. 

You can also use the Automation tab in the app to schedule routines based on location, time, or triggers, like opening specific applications. This will empower your phone to adapt to your routines. 

Merge Duplicate Contacts 

Are there too many duplicate contacts? If the duplicate entries are getting out of hand, you can use the built-in feature within the Contacts application to identify and merge duplicate contacts

Go to the Contacts app on your phone > tap on All Contacts > select Merge Duplicate Contacts. This will help your phone to automatically identify and display duplicate contacts. You can review and merge them. With this, the multiple entries will be consolidated into one. 

Improved Security And Privacy Measures 

You can utilize the App Tracking Transparency feature on your phone to manage which applications are allowed to track your activity. If some websites or apps appear suspicious or you want to stop them from monitoring your activities, you can tinker with the settings. 

Moreover, you can explore Private Relay and other built-in security features. Private Relay was introduced in iOS 15, and this helps encrypt web traffic to protect your browsing activity. 

You can also use a VPN to further fortify data security on your phone. 

Optimize Battery Health 

You can extend your phone’s battery by turning on Battery Health Management. This can be accessed in the Settings app > Battery > Battery Health. By utilizing this feature, you can optimize charging based on your usage patterns. This ensures long-term battery health, so you don’t have to stay tethered to the charging cable. 

Besides this feature, you can also enable the Low Power Mode on your iPhone. This will help to conserve power by turning off the background processes and apps when needed the most. 


Enhance Camera Capabilities 

You can enhance your iPhone’s camera capabilities by enabling ProRAW + JPEG or ProRAW capture mode. This allows for editing and post-processing flexibility while retaining exceptional image quality. 

You can also explore third-party applications offering manual controls for settings like shutter speed, exposure, and ISO. This will grant you enhanced control over iPhone photography and ensure your pictures appear professional. 

Navigation And Gestures 

You can personalize Back Tap gestures by going to Accessibility Settings, and this will trigger different shortcuts or actions with a triple or double tap on the back of your phone. 

It would also help if you mastered gestures on your phone to make multitasking a breeze. For instance, swiping up from the bottom and holding will reveal the app switcher. 

Text Editing Features 

Bring on your A-game when it comes to texting by exploring the advanced features on your iPhone. You can turn your phone’s keyboard into a trackpad to enjoy precise cursor control. Hold the Spacebar and then slide your finger to move the cursor within the text fields. This will help you effortlessly edit your texts. 

Your phone also comes packed with advanced text selection gestures. You can tap the keyboard using three fingers, and this will select a paragraph or a sentence. Also, you can swipe your three fingers left or right to undo or redo actions. 

Utilize Siri Commands 

You can create bespoke voice commands for Siri. These commands will help you in completing complicated tasks or opening specific applications. Also, you can combine different actions into a single voice command to enjoy improved efficiency. 

By using Siri voice commands, you can control different system settings and perform actions like adjusting brightness, enabling Airplane mode, or toggling Wi-Fi. You can even set an alarm or reminder by asking Siri to do what is needed. 

Optimize Storage For Improved Efficiency 

If you don’t want your phone to slow down, you must optimize the storage. Start by offloading unused applications. You will find the Offload Unused Apps feature in the Settings app > General > Storage. Here, you can remove the apps you don’t use without deleting their data. So, when you reinstall the apps in the future, you can instantly restore the settings and data. 

It would also help if you optimized your photo storage because these files can take up a significant amount of space on your phone. You can go to iCloud Photo Library and click the Optimize Storage option. Then, the high-resolution videos and images will be saved in iCloud, and smaller versions of it will remain on the device. 

The Bottom Line 

So, unlock a realm of possibilities by incorporating these iPhone tips and tricks. If you have more to add, leave a comment.