5 Best Online Course Platforms For Free

best online course platforms for free

Looking for the best online course platforms for free? You will be surprised how many bolts and nuts are involved in producing an online course with email providers, payment gateways, survey tools, quiz, content hosting, video hosting, website design, domain name and web hosting. This online course offers all these tools, and more so you can use these tools to build a professional course for your learners.

Best Online Course Platforms For Free

These courses are great because you do not need any online presence. All these platforms are ideal for the majority of the users. Some of the top-rated and the best online course platforms for free are here.

Academy of Mine

This is one of the best online course platforms for free that is designed for learning management, education and employee training. This platform increases the company brands because it is entirely white-labelled. Academy of Mine is integrated with hub spot, Zoom, Salesforce, Shopify and others. Most of the companies and institutes that offer e-learning can use this platform to generate a learner portal.

Education base website development and management are the major features of this platform. It introduces excellent video management to all its users. For the majority of the users, it is effortless to use and operate without any training. In other words, the Academy of Mine is a completely featured Management platform that is formed to serve Enterprises and agencies. This is what you need to know about it.


If you want to enhance your business income, then Kajaibi is your right answer. Most of the business organizations like to handle training sessions to their workers. For this reason, they need to design the course. Kajabi is the right solution because it allows them to create their course on this platform, and the workers or the entire team can get its benefit.

Due to the unique traits, this platform is ideal for the majority of course designer. It gives 100% benefits to your customers because it is highly responsive, and they can access the course on their smartphones.

If you are going to design a dental training program, then you need to prepare the videos. Kajabi is one of the best online course platforms for free that support your videos and video hosting. Therefore, you can easily share and create these videos for business and to your students to guide them properly. 

Learn Dash

best online course platforms for free

One of the best features that LearnDash offers to all its customers is to create a group of themes and specific templates. It is one of the best traits for the developers who want to use the unique but course relevant pieces without disrupting design components. It is compatible with all word press themes. No doubt these are 100% responsive. For the majority of the developers, who utilize WordPress, this is one of the best online course platforms for free because it supports the users for it. After all, the content management system of WordPress is simple and easy to understand for the users.


This is one of the best online course platforms for free and excellent for interactive and premium learning experience. This platform is ideal for people who want to create or sell their courses online. Similarly, enterprises can use this platform for the same objective. So, enjoy the features of this 3rd party tool that comes with powerful sales engine, extensive analytics and marketing tactics and many more.

This is a user’s friendly tool that increases the convenience of the users. However, this is good for commercial purposes since it allows you to design a course professionally. The majority of the users prefer it for its simple infrastructure and marketing techniques. This is very simple and easy to access online so you can access it any of your devices.


This is the time when we need to set our online business so that you can set your business online by designing a course through Podia. It offers customization and web development with optimization. Your own storefront feature is great for those who want to sell their course online.

Not only this, Podia offers free migration, online courses development, webinar, email marketing, built-in social network, interactive management, high-quality web development, 100% responsive site and course, digital downloads, Video uploads and course builder, online testing engine, Complete white-label, Sales pages and landing pages, custom native mobile apps, Custom domain and many more. It can be your favorite platform that allows high-quality business set up for online courses.

These are all the best online course platforms for free. All the vendors are running customer-oriented sites so that these are not legit. Some of the platforms come with the money-back guarantee. It means these are safe and secure for them. So, these are very simple for the users to increase their work experience on the tool.