Delgado Travel: A Trusted Name in Travel Industry

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Delgado is a trusted travel agency that provides affordable travel. Delgado Travel is a prestigious travel service serving the Hispanic people group for more than 35 years. Established by Cuban settler Pedro Delgado in 1985, the organization has developed into one of the US’s most significant Hispanic travel services. Delgado Travel works in giving travel administrations to Latin America, including flights, lodgings, travel, vehicle rentals, and excursion bundles.

The History of Delgado Travel

Pedro Delgado established Delgado in 1985 in Association City, New Jersey. As a Cuban outsider, he saw a requirement for a travel service that catered explicitly to the Hispanic people group. Delgado’s vision was to give Latin America reasonable travel choices while maintaining an elevated degree of client support.

With difficult work and commitment, Delgado immediately turned into a confided-in name in the Hispanic travel industry. Today, the organization has north of 40 areas across the US and Puerto Rico and utilizes more than 500 individuals.
Administrations Presented by Delgado

Services Offered by Delgado Travel

administrations to Latin America. The organization represents considerable authority in flights, lodgings, travels, vehicle rentals, and excursion bundles. With its broad organization of providers, Delgado can give its clients cutthroat costs and customized administration.

The organization additionally offers travel protection, which can give genuine serenity to explorers in the event of startling undoings, deferrals, or crises. Get More Information about Insulation Business.

Why Choose Delgado Travel?

Delgado travel obligation to client support separates them from other travel services. The organization utilizes bilingual staff who are educated about the movement to Latin America and can give customized suggestions given their clients’ requirements.

Delgado likewise offers a day-in and day-out client care hotline, so clients can connect whenever they have various forms of feedback about their itinerary items.

Delgado Travel’s Commitment to Sustainability

As of late, Delgado has committed to maintainability and decreasing its carbon impression. The organization has executed different drives, including reducing paper squandering, advancing eco-accommodating travel choices, and cooperating with manageable travel industry associations.

How Delgado Travel Adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic affected the movement business, and Delgado was not invulnerable. The organization needed to rapidly adjust to the new reality, carrying out well-being conventions, offering adaptable retraction strategies, and giving current data on movement limitations and necessities.

Delgado Travel’s Loyalty Program: Club Delgado

Club Delgado will be Delgado’s unwavering ness program, which prizes continuous explorers with select advantages, including limited rates, free redesigns, and customized travel suggestions. Individuals from Club Delgado can likewise acquire focus for each dollar spent on movement administrations.

Delgado Travel’s Expansion Plans

Notwithstanding the difficulties presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, Delgado has aggressive designs for an extension. The organization hopes to open new areas to underserved Hispanic people and extend its web-based presence to serve its clients more readily.

Delgado Travel’s Impact on the Hispanic Community

Delgado Travel altogether affects the Hispanic people group in the US. The organization has set out work to open doors for many individuals, a considerable number of whom are Hispanic migrants. Delgado likewise upholds different local area drives and philanthropic associations, including the Hispanic Alliance, which offers assistance to Hispanic families and networks.

Delgado Travel’s Corporate Travel Services

Delgado offers a scope of corporate travel administrations, including bunch appointments, impetus outings, and travel the executive’s arrangements. The organization’s corporate travel experts work intimately with clients to make tweaked travel bundles that meet their particular requirements and spending plan.

Delgado Travel’s Destination Wedding Planning Services

Arranging a marriage at an exotic location can be overpowering, yet Delgado picturesque marriage experts can assist with working on the cycle. They can help, including tracking down the ideal area and organizing visitors’ travel facilities. Couples can zero in on partaking in their unforgettable day with Delgado’s assistance.

Delgado Travel’s Role in Hispanic Heritage Month

As an organization established by Hispanic migrants, Delgado has areas of strength for Hispanic culture and observes Hispanic Legacy Month every year. The organization has occasions and advancements during the drawn-out festival to respect the commitments of Hispanic Americans to the US.


What is Delgado Travel?

Delgado is a travel service that has some expertise in giving travel administrations to Latin America. The organization has been doing business for north than 35 years and has more than 40 areas across the US and Puerto Rico.

What services does Delgado Travel offer?

Delgado offers a wide range of travel services to Latin America, including flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and vacation packages. The company also offers travel insurance.

Why choose Delgado Travel?

Delgado is committed to providing excellent customer service and personalized travel recommendations. The company employs bilingual staff and offers a 24/7 customer service hotline.

How has Delgado Travel impacted the Hispanic community?

Delgado has created job opportunities for thousands of people, many of whom are Hispanic immigrants. The company also supports various community initiatives and nonprofit organizations, including the Hispanic Federation.

Delgado Travel Table

NameDelgado Travel
FounderPedro Delgado
SpecializationTravel services to Latin America
Services OfferedFlights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, vacation packages, travel insurance
LocationsOver 40 locations across the United States and Puerto Rico
EmployeesOver 500
Customer Service24/7 hotline
Impact on Hispanic CommunityCreated job opportunities for thousands of people and supports various community initiatives and nonprofit organizations