Driving Smart Through Utah on a Long Trip

Long Trip

If you’re traveling to east-central Utah, which is how most people get to Colorado or Moab, if not from the southern states, you’ll find yourself on Interstate 70. It connects most of Utah from the west to the east, at least from the north-south route of Interstate 15. Interstate 70 also provides the primary drive through the big plateaus of Utah and onto the west of Colorado. It’s a long drive, scenic, and a perfect place for a mid-way stop in Green River, Utah.

Sacking Down on a Long Trip

Hotel rooms Green River choices are a perfect resource to recover with, recharge, and get ready for the rest of a long driving trip through the Midwest. Fully stocked with all needed amenities, from fuel to groceries to plenty of restaurants, Green River also carries a full complement of lodging.

Traveling alone but want lots of room to relax? King bed accommodations are entirely available and ready for double and single occupants. These rooms typically include a working desk for evening processing, emails, planning, computer work, and complimentary Wi-Fi. A full-size TV for catching up on the news and entertainment is also included.

Sticking around for a few days? A fridge and microwave are provided complimentary as well. If you are traveling with a bigger group or family, two queen-bed units are definitely available as well. These rooms are bigger than standard to accommodate more people, and they come with all the features noted above for deskwork, digital connections, food storage, heating, and an additional-sized bathroom with more room.

Other features many of the Green River hotels provide include cribs for families with babies and toddlers, ironing boards for flattening formal clothing, cable TV entertainment, stereo music channels, and conference line phones. For special requests, accessible bathrooms and shower unit rooms are also available.

Safe Driving is a Priority on Long Trips

The temptation of long driving trips is to go as far as possible, even when tired. However, that’s a fast way to get into a vehicle accident. Tired driving contributes to numerous accidents and near misses, especially when driving during periods of low light and visibility. It’s far better and safer to travel only during the day and enjoy solid trip stops at key points with plenty of resources for rest and recovery. Green River is definitely one of those destinations, especially for folks traveling through Utah, either west or east.