What is the Largest Medical Negligence Claim in the UK?

largest medical negligence claim in the UK

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Medical negligence claims in the UK can contain huge sums of money, specifically in instances wherein critical, lifestyles-changing accidents have befell. Some of the very best-value medical negligence claims to be settled in recent years encompass

The record-breaking settlement awarded to Alexia Clarke

In 2022, the High Court approved a £37.5 million settlement for Alexia Clarke. This is believed to be the highest single medical negligence payout awarded in the UK.

Alexia suffered catastrophic mind accidents at the start of 1998 due to errors made by sanatorium staff. The payment change into made to provide her with lifelong care and accommodation desires. Her solicitor commented, “No sum of money can restore Alexia’s lifestyle to how it ought to be, however, it’ll offer the care she needs”.

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largest medical negligence claim in the UK

Multi-million-pound awards in cerebral palsy cases

Cerebral palsy cases have resulted in some very high-value claims due to the profound impacts the condition has on a child’s future.

In 2020, a £18 million award was made to a boy left severely disabled after errors during his birth. Another £15 million settlement was awarded in 2021 to a girl who suffers from cerebral palsy after a near-drowning incident at a swimming pool when she was a toddler.

Major payouts for spinal injuries

Spinal cord injuries can require intensive, lifelong treatment and assistance. In 2019, a £19.5 million settlement was agreed for a man who was left paraplegic after his spinal condition was misdiagnosed.

Another person was awarded over £16 million in compensation after his spinal fracture was missed, causing permanent paralysis below the chest.

Eight-figure sums for brain damage cases

Cases involving hypoxic brain damage, where oxygen supply to the brain is disrupted, have also resulted in major payouts.

In 2021, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust paid £18 million to a woman who suffered brain damage after errors were made during her birth.

Another NHS trust paid £13 million to a child who sustained catastrophic brain injuries due to lapses in their neonatal care.

largest medical negligence claim in the UK

Factors influencing the value of compensation

The amount of compensation awarded takes into account:

  • The severity of the injury and its impact on day-to-day living and life expectancy
  • Current and future care needs, including accommodation, aids, and assistance
  • Loss of future earnings potential
  • Pain and suffering

Cases where the claimant has been left profoundly disabled, requiring 24/7 care for decades, understandably result in the highest value claims running into multi-millions.

The highest medical negligence payouts highlight the duty of care owed by healthcare professionals and organizations. When serious mistakes occur, the financial compensation should reflect the magnitude of harm caused.

People also ask

Which doctors get sued the most in the UK?

Obstetricians and gynecologists face the most medical negligence claims in the UK.

Can I claim medical negligence after 10 years UK?

No, there is a 3-year limit to make a medical negligence claim in the UK, with some exceptions.

How much does medical negligence cost the UK?

Medical negligence costs the NHS approximately £2.7 billion per year in legal fees and compensation payouts.

Can I sue my doctor for negligence UK?

Yes, you may sue a health practitioner for medical negligence inside the UK if you show you’ve suffered damage due to their failure to offer excellent enough care.