Matt Lauer Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Former Today Show Host Have?

Matt Lauer Net Worth

Discover Matt Lauer Net Worth: Get insights into the former TV host’s financial success and career achievements in this informative profile.

YearMatt Lauer Net Worth
2023$80 million

Matt Lauer have become the co-host of the NBC Morning Display Today for over two decades before being fired in November 2017 amidst sexual harassment allegations. During his time on the Today Show, Lauer has ended up being one of the highest-paid personalities on TV. But how a whole lot is Matt Lauer worth nowadays after his scandal and departure from NBC? Let’s take a look at Matt Lauer Net Worth and the way he constructed his fortune.

Matt Lauer’s Early Life and Career

Matt Lauer turned into born on December 30, 1957, in New York City. He studied journalism at Ohio University however dropped out in 1979 to pursue a career in broadcasting. Lauer got his beginning in TV as a producer of the midday news programs for WOWK-TV in Huntington, West Virginia.

  • In the 1980s, Lauer hosted numerous suggestions which include Fame, Fortune Romance, and Talk of the Town. He additionally served alternatively as co-host on The Morning Show for WNEV-TV (now WHDH-TV) in Boston.
  • Lauer joined NBC’s Today as a news anchor in 1994. After three years in this function, he became promoted to co-host of the display along with Katie Couric in 1997. Lauer changed longtime co-host Bryant Gumbel About Drawing Pokemon.

Matt Lauer’s Salary at Today Show

As co-host of the Today display, Matt Lauer Net Worth earned an annual earnings of $25 million. His NBC agreement had him income of $20 million a 12 months via 2018.

  • When he first took over co-hosting duties in 1997 alongside Katie Couric, Lauer had a modest income of $1 million per 12 months. However, as Today grew into the maximum-watched morning display on television, NBC rewarded Lauer with agreement extensions and income bumps.
  • By 2010, Lauer was earning $17 million a year. In 2012, he signed a new deal that paid him $25 million annually and locked him into hosting Today through 2017. In 2016, NBC prolonged Lauer’s settlement yet again for a reported $20 million a year through 2018.
  • All informed, Matt Lauer earned over $three hundred million in salary at some stage in his 25 years at NBC. His high pay made him one of the most highly compensated personalities on TV.

Matt Lauer’s Other Sources of Income

In addition to his huge Today Show profits, Matt Lauer earned millions extra via side tasks and commercial enterprise offers.

Some of Lauer’s different profits resources included:

  • Real estate investing – Lauer owns properties within the Hamptons, New York City, and New Zealand.
  • Book publishing – Lauer co-wrote several books such as The Profession: A Memoir of Community, Race, and the Arc of Policing in America.
  • TV production – Lauer’s corporation 9 AM Media developed suggests like Unsolved Mysteries.
  • Product endorsements – Lauer earned $5 million annually endorsing brands like TD Ameritrade.
  • Speaking engagements – Lauer earned up to $50,000 for corporate speeches and activities.

Between his NBC profits, real estate holdings, manufacturing organization, and other ventures, it is expected Matt Lauer remodeled $80 million according to year at the height of his profession.

Matt Lauer Net Worth: $80 Million

As of 2023, Celebrity Matt Lauer Net Worth estimates Matt Lauer Net Worth $80million.

  • The former Today anchor probably had an internet well worth upwards of $a hundred million earlier than his firing from NBC. However, his divorce from his spouse Annette Roque priced him millions in the separation agreement.
  • Lauer additionally bought several properties after leaving Today, such as his Hamptons mansion Strongheart Manor for $ forty-four million in 2021. This decreased his real estate portfolio and Matt Lauer Net Worth.
  • While nevertheless financially cushty, Matt Lauer Net Worth is a fragment of what it once changed into throughout his glory days on morning TV. His annual profits are also a long way much less without his massive Today settlement.
  • However, with prudent investing in stocks, bonds, and businesses, Matt Lauer must be able to hold a Matt Lauer Net Worth inside the tens of tens of millions for the foreseeable future Lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Matt Lauer Net Worth

Here are a few commonplace questions people have about Matt Lauer Net Worth and the way he constructed his fortune:

How much is Matt Lauer Net Worth well worth after being fired from NBC?

Even after his firing and divorce settlement, Matt Lauer nevertheless has an estimated Matt Lauer Net Worth of $80 million as of 2023.

What changed Matt Lauer’s annual salary on the Today Show?

At the height of his career, Lauer earned $25 million in keeping with the year website hosting the Today display. His NBC contract paid him $20 million 12 months earlier than his termination.

What had been Matt Lauer’s biggest assets of profits?

Lauer’s Today Show income became his largest supply of income. He additionally earned millions in real property, book publishing, endorsements, and TV/film manufacturing.

How much did Matt Lauer earn in endorsements?

Lauer reportedly earned as much as $five million per year endorsing manufacturers like TD Ameritrade and Prevacid.

How a lot should Matt Lauer charge for talking engagements?

When he hosted Today, Lauer should have rated among $25,000 to $50,000 for corporate speeches and appearances.

So while Matt Lauer is no longer earning the massive salary he once commanded at NBC, the previous morning display host nonetheless has a big Matt Lauer Net Worth envisioned at $eighty million. Through belongings sales and investments, Lauer needs to be capable of staying effective no matter his scandal and dramatic fall from the top of the TV global.