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Primary Health Network is a healthcare device that offers primary care offerings to patients in a specific geographic area. This network is designed to enhance get entry to healthcare services, specifically for those who stay in rural or underserved regions. Primary Health Network offers quite several services, along with preventive care, chronic ailment control, and acute care.

The community is composed of Primary Health Network care companies such as own family physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical doctor assistants. These experts are committed to presenting splendid healthcare services that meet the desires of the network they serve. They work tirelessly to ensure that sufferers obtain complete care via partnerships with other healthcare carriers together with hospitals and specialists.

One of the number one dreams of Primary Health Network is to provide inexpensive healthcare offerings without compromising exceptional. Patients can expect to acquire pinnacle-notch clinical interest from skilled specialists who are enthusiastic about their paintings. The network’s commitment to first-rate has made it one of the maximum trusted healthcare systems in the u .S . A…

Overview of Primary Health Networks

Improving Healthcare Access for Vulnerable Populations

PHNs are accountable for ensuring that the healthcare needs in their particular geographic vicinity and population are met. One of the most massive methods in which PHNs reap this is through enhancing get entry to healthcare offerings for inclined populations. These populations include Indigenous Australians, the ones residing in rural or far-off regions, and those with mental health conditions.

For example, in 2019-2020, Western Victoria Primary Health Network (WVPHN) worked with local Aboriginal communities to broaden a culturally suitable model of care. This version aimed to improve access to Primary Health Network healthcare services for Indigenous Australians residing in the region. The WVPHN also funded telehealth consultations for sufferers with intellectual fitness conditions who lived in far-flung regions. find more information about Delayed Diagnosis Compensation UK.

Preventative Health Measures

Another key recognition of PHNs is preventative fitness measures. By figuring out neighborhood health needs and developing techniques to address them proactively, PHN’s goal is to lessen the burden on the healthcare gadget because of preventable illnesses.

For instance, South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network (SEMPHN) evolved a software called ‘HealthLinks’. This application ambitions to improve communication between special healthcare companies involved in an affected person’s care. By ensuring that every relevant record is shared among providers, SEMPHN hopes to lessen medication mistakes and useless hospital admissions.

Role of Primary Health Networks in Healthcare

Targeting Resources to Areas of Greatest Need

PHNs play a vital position in addressing fitness inequalities by concentrating on resources to areas of best want. They paintings intently with neighborhood fitness carriers, community companies, and sufferers to identify healthcare desires and broaden strategies to address them. PHNs use data-pushed tactics to pick out regions with the very best burden of ailment or gaps in provider provision.

Integration of Primary Health Network

PHNs also aid the integration of Primary Health Network healthcare services with other elements of the healthcare gadget, consisting of hospitals and professional care. This integration is critical for presenting coordinated care for sufferers with complicated needs.

For instance, the Hunter New England and Central Coast PHN has carried out integrated care software for sufferers with continual conditions. The application involves a crew-based totally technique where GPs paint alongside nurses, allied health experts, and experts to offer comprehensive care. Patients get hold of customized care plans which are regularly reviewed and updated primarily based on their changing desires.

Improving Quality and Safety of Healthcare Services

PHNs have a strong emphasis on enhancing the exceptional safety of healthcare services through tasks including medical governance and accreditation applications. These projects help ensure that sufferers receive secure, powerful, and splendid care.

Prevention and Early Intervention

PHNs recognition on prevention and early intervention as part of their efforts to sell wholesome life and prevent persistent disorders. They work with neighborhood communities to increase applications that encourage wholesome behaviors and decrease chance factors for persistent ailment.

Benefits of Primary Health Networks

Improved Access to Healthcare Services

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) play a critical position in enhancing access to healthcare offerings for all Australians. They acquire this by providing a coordinated and incorporated method of healthcare shipping. PHNs paintings with neighborhood communities to pick out health wishes and expand techniques that address the precise fitness-demanding situations faced by using each network.

Through their partnerships with healthcare vendors, PHNs facilitate the supply of amazing care this is tailored to satisfy the precise needs of each affected person. This technique ensures that patients get hold of timely get admission to the proper care, which may help prevent illnesses from becoming greater excessive and requiring hospitalization.

PHNs assist in the improvement of progressive models of care that improve fitness results. They invest in studies and development applications geared toward figuring out new ways of delivering care which are extra powerful, green, and sustainable. These packages assist ensure that Australians have to get entry to modern-day medical era and treatments.

Coordinated Approach to Healthcare Delivery

One of the key blessings of PHNs is their coordinated approach to healthcare shipping. By running closely with healthcare companies, they make sure that patients get hold of seamless care throughout distinct settings. This way sufferers can circulate between exceptional parts of the healthcare gadget without experiencing any gaps or delays in their remedy.

PHNs also facilitate collaboration between healthcare vendors and different community offerings consisting of social workers, intellectual fitness professionals, and elderly-care providers. This allows making certain that sufferers get hold of holistic care that addresses all elements of their physical and intellectual well-being.

Reduced Hospital Admissions

Another critical advantage of PHNs is their capability to reduce needless clinic admissions and emergency department presentations. By presenting early intervention services which include preventative health screenings, persistent disorder control packages, and intellectual health guide services, PHNs assist prevent illnesses from becoming more severe.

This reduces the burden on hospitals by way of ensuring that patients acquire timely treatment before their situations end up important. It also facilitates lessening expenses related to hospitalization by way of stopping headaches from bobbing up.

Primary Health Networks and Community Health

Improving Community Health with Primary Health Networks

Collaboration among number one health networks (PHNs) and network fitness centers is important to improve the overall fitness of Australians. PHNs paintings tirelessly to make certain that sufferers get hold of exceptional care, mainly folks who are dwelling in rural and remote regions or are disadvantaged. Community health centers play a crucial role in this attempt using offering hand healthcare offerings to neighborhood groups. In this phase, we can discuss how PHNs guide network fitness facilities and the effect of their collaboration on community health.

Supporting Community Health Centers

Community fitness centers offer a variety of offerings, which include well-known medical care, dental care, intellectual fitness services, and chronic ailment control. These centers frequently serve prone populations inclusive of low-profit households, homeless people, and refugees. PHNs understand the significance of community health facilities in enhancing get entry to healthcare for those populations.

PHNs offer aid to network fitness centers in diverse approaches. They provide funding possibilities for infrastructure development and service transport development tasks. PHNs additionally facilitate training programs for the workforce at those facilities to beautify their talents and understanding. PHNs collaborate with network agencies to address social determinants of health that affect the populace served by way of those centers.

Impact on Community Health

The collaboration among PHNs and community fitness facilities has a high-quality impact on the general fitness of groups. By operating together, they can become aware of gaps in carrier delivery and increase techniques to cope with them efficiently. This collaboration ensures that patients receive well-timed access to healthcare services irrespective of their vicinity or socio-economic fame.

A case study performed by Western Victoria Primary Health Network (WVPHN) highlights the impact of this collaboration on network fitness. WVPHN supported Ballarat Community Health (BCH) via funding possibilities for infrastructure development initiatives along with building extensions and facility improvements. This guide enabled BCH to expand its offerings significantly, ensuing in a boom in affected person visits from 60,000 in line with year to over a hundred,000 according to yr. This expansion allowed BCH to provide more complete care to the community, resulting in progressed fitness outcomes.

Primary Health Networks and Chronic Disease Management

PHNs and Chronic Disease Management

Collaboration between PHNs and GPs is crucial in coping with continual sicknesses. Patients with persistent diseases require ongoing care, which can be complicated and tough to manage. PHNs play a critical role in helping GPs to offer tremendous care to patients with continual illnesses.

Access to Health Services

One of the number one roles of a Primary Health Network is to provide sufferers with access to several fitness services. Patients with chronic illnesses require ongoing care from several healthcare vendors, together with number one care, allied health, and specialist services. Through their applications and initiatives, PHNs aim to enhance get admission to those offerings for patients.

Developing Care Plans

Another essential function of PHNs is to work intently with GPs in developing care plans for patients with chronic sicknesses. Care plans are critical equipment that helps ensure that patients get hold of appropriate care from all healthcare vendors worried about their remedy.

Care plans generally encompass records approximately the patient’s situation(s), medicines, remedy goals, and any other applicable records. They also outline the roles and responsibilities of each healthcare provider worried about the patient’s treatment. find more information about A&E negligence compensation UK.

The North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) has evolved an initiative referred to as “Healthy@Home.” This software pursuits to support GPs in growing comprehensive care plans for their patients with persistent illnesses who’re receiving domestic-based total care. The software offers education for GPs on the way to increase effective care plans that bear in mind the patient’s person needs.

Coordinating Care

PHNs also play a crucial position in coordinating care between exclusive healthcare carriers worried about the patient’s remedy. Patients with continual diseases often require care from multiple healthcare providers, which include GPs, specialists, and allied fitness specialists.

Effective coordination of care is crucial to make certain that patients get hold of the proper care at the right time and inside the right vicinity. PHNs paintings carefully with healthcare vendors to develop effective conversation channels and referral pathways that assist coordinated care.

Improving Quality of Care

Through their packages and projects, PHN’s goal is to enhance the first-class care furnished to patients with persistent sicknesses. PHNs paintings intently with local communities and healthcare carriers to identify areas in which upgrades can be made.

Primary Health Networks and Mental Health Services

Person-Centered Mental Health Services

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) are devoted to providing man or woman-focused intellectual fitness services that cater to the precise wishes of individuals and groups. These offerings encompass early intervention, prevention, and remedy programs for mental health situations. PHNs paintings intently with local mental fitness providers to ensure that services are reachable and attentive to network needs.

Evidence-Based Mental Health Services

PHNs additionally prioritize proof-based totally techniques for their intellectual fitness services. Evidence-based practice refers to the usage of interventions or treatments that have been proven by way of studies to be effective in treating a particular condition or hassle. By the use of proof-based totally techniques, PHNs can make sure that individuals receive the best treatments to be had.

Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Services

PHNs apprehend that lifestyle plays a crucial role in shaping a person’s enjoyment of mental illness and gaining access to care. Culturally suitable intellectual health services consider a person’s cultural heritage when designing care plans and handing over remedies.

Support for Complex Mental Health Needs

PHNs also offer assistance for people with complex mental fitness wishes, along with people with co-taking place substance use disorders. These people frequently require more in-depth and coordinated care to manipulate their conditions efficiently.

Improving Community Wellbeing

Through their mental fitness services, PHNs intend to improve the overall health of people and communities. By imparting early intervention and prevention packages, PHNs can help save your mental infection from growing or becoming greater extreme. By providing evidence-based treatments, PHNs can enhance consequences for people experiencing a mental infection.

Ultimately, with the aid of prioritizing character-centered, evidence-primarily based, culturally appropriate care for individuals with complex mental health wishes, PHNs could make a large contribution to improving network wellbeing.

Primary Health Networks and Indigenous Health

Improving Indigenous Health through Primary Health Networks and ODA Funding

Addressing the fitness disparities confronted by Indigenous Australians requires a complete method that considers their specific cultural, social, and monetary circumstances. Primary Health Networks (PHNs) in Australia play an essential position in enhancing the health effects of Indigenous Australians by providing culturally suitable health packages and services that meet their precise needs. The Australian Government’s Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) investment supports PHNs to develop and put in force powerful techniques to deal with the fitness-demanding situations faced by Indigenous communities.

Culturally Appropriate Health Programs

Indigenous Australians have distinct cultural practices, beliefs, and values that impact their health-in search of behaviors. Therefore, developing culturally appropriate fitness programs is vital to improving their access to fine healthcare services. PHNs paint carefully with Indigenous groups and agencies to lay out packages that are respectful of their culture, language, and traditions. For example, some PHNs have set up Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organizations (ACCHOs) that offer Primary Health Networks tailored to the precise needs of Indigenous humans.

The ODA investment permits PHNs to spend money on education for healthcare professionals on cultural recognition and safety while working with Indigenous communities. This education allows healthcare vendors to understand the importance of constructing trustful relationships with sufferers primarily based on mutual recognition and shared selection-making techniques. Furthermore, it equips them with the skills to speak correctly with sufferers from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Addressing Chronic Diseases

Indigenous Australians have better rates of chronic sicknesses including diabetes, cardiovascular ailment, and respiratory disorder than non-Indigenous Australians. These continual illnesses contribute notably to the lower life expectancy experienced by many Indigenous human beings. PHNs use ODA funding to help prevention programs aimed toward decreasing the prevalence of these continual diseases amongst Indigenous populations.

Improving Access to Healthcare

Access to healthcare offerings is a tremendous assignment for plenty of Indigenous Australians living in far-off areas. PHNs use ODA investment to assist outreach applications that deliver healthcare services to Indigenous groups. For example, some PHNs have installed cellular clinics that travel to faraway regions, providing Primary Health Network together with immunizations, maternal and toddler health services, and chronic disorder control.

Moreover, PHNs collaborate with local health providers to enhance get admission to expert takes care of Indigenous sufferers. They provide training on cultural safety and focus for professionals operating with Indigenous patients. This schooling helps experts recognize the unique desires of their sufferers and gives them competencies on how pleasant to speak correctly with them.

Primary Health Networks and Telehealth Services

Expanding Telehealth Services through Primary Health Networks

Improving get right of entry to healthcare offerings is a vital thing in ensuring that human beings receive the medical interest they want. In Australia, Primary Health Networks (PHNs) were instrumental in presenting healthcare services to sufferers who stay in rural or far-off regions in which get admission to healthcare can be limited. One of the ways PHNs have accelerated their reach is by way of presenting telehealth offerings. great post to read about MetroPlus Health.

Telehealth services permit patients to connect to healthcare specialists remotely through the usage of generation such as video conferencing. This service has come to be specifically vital all through the COVID-19 pandemic, in which social distancing measures have made it tough for patients to go to conventional healthcare facilities. By imparting telehealth services, PHNs are helping to reduce the load on conventional healthcare structures and provide a whole lot-wished care to patients.

Improved Access to Healthcare

The provision of telehealth offerings by PHNs has drastically stepped forward to get the right of entry to healthcare for many Australians, especially those dwelling in rural and far-off areas. The use of the era has allowed clinical practitioners and experts from city facilities to visit patients placed a long way away without requiring them to journey lengthy distances.

This provider has been especially beneficial for human beings with chronic conditions that require normal take a look at.S.Or tracking, along with diabetes or coronary heart disorder. Patients can now receive ongoing care from their medical doctors while not having to depart their houses, which reduces the stress and anxiety associated with traveling long distances.

Reduced Burden on Traditional Healthcare Systems

The provision of telehealth services by using PHNs has also helped lessen the load on conventional healthcare structures. With greater human beings having access to hospital therapy remotely, there is much less pressure on hospitals and clinics, freeing up assets for emergency cases and other vital desires.

Moreover, telehealth services permit doctors and different medical specialists to see greater sufferers in a shorter duration in comparison with traditional consultations. This manner that more humans can acquire timely medical interest while not having to wait weeks or months for an appointment.

Case Study: Western Victoria Primary Health Network

Western Victoria Primary Health Network (WVPHN) is one of the PHNs that have been at the vanguard of expanding telehealth offerings. The network has applied a range of projects to enhance get entry to healthcare for people residing in rural and faraway regions.

One such initiative is the Telehealth Victoria software, which gives sufferers with get right of entry to specialist consultations via video conferencing. Through this program, patients can get hold of clinical attention from professionals placed in Melbourne or other urban facilities while not having to travel long distances. Great post about GP Negligence Compensation UK.

Challenges Faced by Primary Health Networks

Funding barriers and budget constraints

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) are funded by the Australian Government to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Primary Health Network offerings. However, funding obstacles and financial constraints pose sizable challenges for PHNs in delivering great fitness services to their groups.

One of the primary issues is that funding is frequently short-time period, making it hard for PHNs to plot lengthy-term strategies. This can lead to a loss of funding for infrastructure, era, and body of workers’ improvement. The allocation of finances may not continually align with the wishes of nearby groups.

Difficulty in recruiting and maintaining healthcare specialists

Another task confronted by PHNs is trouble recruiting and preserving healthcare specialists. This problem is especially typical in rural and remote regions where there are fewer opportunities for professional development.

Inadequate infrastructure and sources

Many PHNs face inadequate infrastructure and resources which can impact provider delivery. For instance, outdated IT systems can prevent verbal exchanges between healthcare carriers or save patients from accessing medical records easily.

To overcome this project, PHNs ought to prioritize funding in contemporary technology consisting of telehealth systems or digital medical facts. They need to additionally collaborate with other groups to proportion sources which include devices or centers.

Addressing health disparities and meeting the desires of various populations

PHNs play a crucial position in addressing fitness disparities among distinctive populace companies inclusive of Indigenous Australians or those dwelling in low socio-economic areas. However, the assembly of the wishes of various populations calls for tailor-made tactics that recall cultural, linguistic, and social elements.

Coordinating care and collaboration with other healthcare providers

PHNs have to coordinate care throughout one-of-a-kind healthcare companies along with hospitals, general practitioners, and allied fitness experts. However, this will be challenging because of variations in organizational systems or communication barriers.

To conquer this challenge, PHNs have to prioritize the improvement of robust relationships with other healthcare companies. They must additionally invest in technology that helps verbal exchange among distinctive providers consisting of stable messaging systems or shared digital scientific facts.

Adapting to modifications in healthcare guidelines and guidelines

Finally, PHNs have to adapt to adjustments in healthcare policies and policies that could impact provider shipping. For instance, changes to investment models or new laws might also require tremendous modifications in how services are delivered.

To cope with this venture, PHNs have to remain updated on coverage modifications and engage in advocacy efforts to make certain that the needs of their communities are represented. They should also be proactive in adapting their techniques and offerings to align with changing policy environments.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Primary Health Networks

Quality of Care Provided with the aid of Primary Health Networks

One of the maximum critical factors in evaluating the effectiveness of Primary Health Networks is the satisfaction of care they provide. This may be assessed through affected person satisfaction surveys and clinical final results measures. Patient satisfaction surveys can provide precious insights into how patients experience approximately their revel in a Primary Health Network, which includes their degree of satisfaction with the care they acquire, the accessibility of offerings, and the satisfaction of verbal exchange among patients and healthcare providers.

Clinical outcome measures also are a crucial tool for evaluating the high quality of care supplied using Primary Health Networks. These measures can encompass things like mortality fees, sanatorium readmission rates, and other signs that replicate the general fitness results done by sufferers who receive care through a Primary Health Network. By studying those measures through the years, it’s miles feasible to benefit a better understanding of how effective a selected community is at handing over top-notch care to its patients.

Assessing Hours of Operation

Another key element in evaluating the effectiveness of Primary Health Networks is assessing their hours of operation. It is essential to decide whether or not these networks are meeting the wishes of the community, in particular folks who require after-hours care. By studying records whilst sufferers seek medical attention outside regular commercial enterprise hours, it’s miles possible to discover areas in which extra assets can be needed.

Coordination Among Healthcare Providers and Services

Another key thing in comparing number one fitness networks’ effectiveness involves reading their capacity to coordinate care amongst extraordinary healthcare providers and services. Effective coordination guarantees that sufferers receive comprehensive care that addresses all of their healthcare needs and allow them to save pointless hospitalizations and other adverse consequences.

To examine the effectiveness of coordination efforts, it’s miles essential to recall factors inclusive of using digital fitness data, communication between carriers, and the provision of care control services. By reading these factors and evaluating them to nice practices in healthcare coordination, it’s miles feasible to identify areas wherein enhancements can be made to make certain that patients obtain notable, coordinated care.

Reducing Healthcare Costs and Improving Health Outcomes

Finally, evaluating the effect of Primary Health Networks on reducing healthcare costs and enhancing fitness outcomes is vital attention. By studying statistics on healthcare spending and patient results over time, it’s miles feasible to advantage of better information on how effective these networks are at handing over amazing care at the same time as additionally controlling fees.

One manner that Primary Health Networks can assist reduce healthcare fees is by offering preventative care services that help patients keep away from high-priced hospitalizations and other high-priced treatments. By coordinating care amongst one-of-a-kind carriers and services, those networks can help make certain that sufferers acquire the maximum suitable stage of taking care of their needs, which can also help reduce unnecessary spending.

Impact of COVID on Primary Health Networks

Adapting to New Regulations and Guidelines

Primary health networks were notably impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With new policies and recommendations being installed in place to make sure the protection of patients and healthcare people, primary health networks have had to adapt fast. This has led to changes within the manner healthcare is added, with many practices shifting closer to telehealth offerings as a manner to provide care remotely.

Telehealth Services at the Rise

Telehealth services have grown to be increasingly famous at some point in the pandemic. These offerings allow patients to acquire hospital therapy from the consolation of their very own houses, reducing the hazard of transmission. Telehealth has additionally allowed number one health networks to continue supplying crucial healthcare offerings while adhering to social distancing hints.

The Benefits of Telehealth Services

There are many blessings associated with telehealth offerings. For one, they allow patients who might not be capable of touring or departing their homes because of contamination or disability access to medical care. Telehealth can help reduce wait times for appointments and dispose of the want for sufferers to take time off work or faculty for appointments.

The Importance of Primary Health Networks

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted simply how important number one health networks are in offering critical healthcare services to communities. During instances of crisis, which include an international pandemic, primary health networks play a critical position in ensuring that people receive vital medical care. Visit our site Navigating the Medical Negligence Claim Process.

Case Study: Australia’s Response

Australia’s number one health community reaction gives a high-quality example of how those networks can adapt speedily throughout a disaster. In March 2020, Australia’s Department of Health announced an investment in primary fitness networks throughout us as part of its response plan for COVID-19. This investment was used by primary health networks to implement telehealth services and deliver critical healthcare services competently.

Analysis Data: US Healthcare System

In assessment, the American healthcare machine struggled to start with adapting its number one health community reaction for the duration of COVID-19 due in element because it lacked a centralized method on the federal degree. This caused a patchwork of responses across distinctive states and regions, with a few number-one health networks struggling to preserve up with demand.

The Future of Primary Health Networks

Moving ahead, it’s far probable that telehealth offerings will maintain to play an essential position in primary health networks. The pandemic has proven that those services can be powerful in delivering hospital therapy remotely and decreasing the hazard of transmission. However, it is also crucial for number one fitness networks to preserve supplying in-person care whilst vital.

Primary Health Network

Future Directions for Primary Health Networks

Looking in advance, Primary Health Networks (PHNs) are poised to play an excellent extra critical role in the Australian healthcare machine. As the population keeps growing and aging, PHNs will want to evolve and evolve to fulfill the changing needs of their groups.

One area in which PHNs could make a sizeable effect is in addressing health disparities amongst different populations. By working carefully with community companies, Indigenous agencies, and different stakeholders, PHNs can help ensure that everyone has to get entry to satisfactory healthcare services.

Another crucial route for PHNs is in leveraging technology to improve affected person outcomes. Telehealth services have come to be increasingly famous in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there’s absolute confidence that they will preserve to play a critical role in delivering care in the future. By investing in telehealth infrastructure and schooling vendors on how to use it effectively, PHNs can assist bridge gaps in getting entry to take care of patients who live in faraway or underserved regions.


What is the number one health care in GB?

Primary fitness care in Great Britain (GB) refers to the first factor of touch for people searching for fitness care, which is usually provided by widespread practitioners (GPs). Primary care is supposed to be available and low cost, focusing on the prevention and early detection of fitness problems.

What is a neighborhood healthcare network?

A neighborhood healthcare community, also called a health community or fitness alliance, is a set of fitness care vendors, hospitals, and other associated businesses working collectively to improve the satisfaction and coordination of fitness care services in a specific vicinity or network. The purpose of a local healthcare community is to improve affected person results, lessen costs, and boom get the right of entry to healthcare services.

What is Medicare nearby?

Medicare Locals had been local primary health care agencies in Australia that had been chargeable for making plans and coordinating fitness offerings in their nearby areas. They have been set up in 2011 and changed by way of Primary Health Networks (PHNs) in 2015.

How many PHN is in Australia?

As of 2021, there are 31 Primary Health Networks (PHNs) in Australia. These PHNs are liable for making plans and funding number one fitness care offerings within their targeted areas. They paintings intently with nearby health care vendors and agencies to ensure that the fitness desires in their communities are met.

Table: Primary Health Networks in Australia

Primary Health NetworkAbbreviationStates/Territories
AdelaideAPHNSouth Australia
Australian Capital TerritoryEMPATHYAustralian Capital Territory
Brisbane NorthPHNBNQueensland
Brisbane SouthPHNBSQueensland
Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine CoastPHNWBSCQueensland
Country SAPHNCSASouth Australia
Eastern MelbourneEMPHNVictoria
Gold CoastGCPHNQueensland
Hunter New England and Central CoastHNECC PHNNew South Wales