Small Shock Absorbing Casters Vs Regular Casters – Which is Right for You?

small shock absorbing casters

Finding the right career path can be tricky. For casters, the search is often even harder.

A caster regularly subjected to shock loading or misuse might experience structural damage, causing a reduction in efficiency and a shorter lifespan. This can impact your operations, your safety, and your bottom line.

What is a Shock Absorbing Caster?

small shock absorbing casters are wheeled devices that can function on uneven flooring and other rough surfaces without causing damage to the equipment and cargo they carry. They have a spring-loaded suspension that reduces the impact and vibration transferred to the cart, truck, or rack it is attached to. This helps protect the equipment from getting damaged and can prevent employees from injury while moving the equipment around.

These casters are found on carts, trucks, and other vehicles used in many industries. They are available in both swivel and rigid versions. The swivel version is ideal for applications that require them to swivel during use.

Shock-absorbing casters are a great option for manufacturing environments and warehouses where there is often an influx of new equipment that needs to be moved. They can also be used on other equipment easily jilted when it encounters an irregular surface, such as food and pharmaceutical equipment, chemical labs, or lighting equipment.

Shock Absorbing Casters vs. Regular Casters

Like regular caster wheels, shock-absorbing casters use spring deflection to cushion the impact of bumps and debris on the flooring. However, there is a science to the proper spring deflection; too little or too much can create more harm than good.

A shock-absorbent caster with the right deflection can protect delicate loads from damage, reduce noise levels, and help extend floor, caster, and wheel life. 

These casters are perfect for reducing vibration in carts, in-plant trailers, trash gondolas, aircraft dollies, and lift truck stabilizer casters. By minimizing vibration, these casters also protect employees from injuries due to constant impact when moving heavy equipment.

Advantages of Shock Absorbing Casters

Shock-absorbing casters are ideal for carts, dollies, and other sensitive cargo equipment. They can protect the load from damage during transportation and reduce the risk of workplace injuries for employees who are required to move or relocate equipment regularly.

Shock absorbers can be more expensive than traditional casters, but they can save companies money in the long run by protecting and prolonging the life of expensive equipment. They are also quieter than standard casters, making them an excellent option for use in cleanroom environments where noise and vibration can interfere with work processes or disturb the well-being of workers.

Shock-absorbing casters can also reduce the stress on the wheels, axles, and bearings that are often caused by shock and vibration when rolling over rough surfaces or uneven floors. They can flex and compress to absorb impact energy, which helps protect the equipment from damage, minimizes noise levels, and reduces wear and tear on the floor surface, extending wheel, axle, and caster life. They suit various industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and semiconductor.