The Men’s Style Guide: Sweaters


A good sweater really should be a wardrobe staple for everyone regardless of gender – although they are particularly important for men who often have more limited options when it comes to clothing anyway. Sweaters or jumpers come in a few different patterns, styles and materials, and they are key to helping you to transition between the seasons and add more texture and interest to an outfit. Let’s take a look.

Popular Styles

There are several popular styles of sweaters for you to choose from, like:

  • Crew necks – they are arguably one of the most common. The neck is rounded and close-fitting; it can be worn alone or over a shirt. They are versatile, coming in a number of colours and patterns.
  • V necks – also pretty common, can be worn alone, but they tend to look better when layered. They are ideal to be worn over a shirt and tie, making them perfect for the office.
  • Turtle necks – they are usually worn alone because they come higher up the neck, hiding anything worn underneath. They can be casual or dressy, depending on what they are paired with.
  • Cardigans are not just for women; they are great for casual or professional settings depending on your style and what you are pairing them with.
  • Half-zips are relatively new, with a high collar or even a turtle neck, but they can be opened by their half-zip, meaning they can be layered or not. Probably best paired with jeans for a more casual look


Sweaters come in a range of fabrics, too, depending on your style preferences and occasion. There is:

  • Cashmere –  which is made from the hair of the Kashmir goat. They are warm and lightweight and often more on the expensive side.
  • Wool – can either be synthetic or made from the hair of animals. They are more common, very warm, they range in price, and they do require proper care to look after.
  • Cotton – can again be synthetic or made from cotton plants. Relatively inexpensive and great for warmth, but it can also be breathable and cool.

Picking a Great Sweater

A great sweater really is a wardrobe staple, and as such, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little more money to invest in a quality piece like the men’s wool sweaters from The Sweater Shop. Firstly, regardless of whether you are buying online or in person, there are a couple of things you should look for when trying them on; they shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. A slender band around the wrist can help when cuffing your sleeves or pushing them up. They hold their shape whilst still being comfortable. Choose versatile colours and prints that go well with items already in your wardrobe. Simple and chic sweaters will stand the test of time without becoming outdated or old-fashioned.

Summing Up

Realistically, sweaters can be worn during three out of the four seasons; they can be worn during the autumn, winter and even spring too. They are incredibly versatile, and arguably, depending on the colour and pattern, they can be timelessly stylish too. Every man should have at least one good sweater option in their wardrobe, preferably more than one, but you can take your time to build your collection.

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