The Top 5 Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

estate planning attorney

Are you considering hiring an estate planning attorney but not sure if it’s worth it?

You’re not alone. Many people are uncertain about the benefits of working with a trust lawyer.

However, the advantages are numerous and impactful. This blog post will explore the top 5 benefits of hiring an estate planning attorney.

By the end, you’ll understand how these professionals can help protect your assets, minimize taxes, and offer peace of mind.

Let’s begin!

1. Expert Knowledge and Experience

Expert knowledge and experience means that an estate planning attorney has in-depth knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding estate planning. They have studied and practiced in this field for many years, making them well-versed in all aspects of estate planning.

These attorneys are also up-to-date on any changes or updates to laws that may affect your estate plan. With their expertise, they can guide you through the complex legal jargon and ensure your documents are legally sound.

Moreover, they have knowledge of different estate planning tools and techniques, which they can use to create a personalized plan that specifically meets your needs and goals. This level of expertise and experience is invaluable when it comes to protecting your assets and ensuring your wishes are carried out according to your plan.

2. Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Estate planning involves many legalities and technicalities, making it easy for mistakes to occur. These mistakes can cost you time, and money, and potentially cause disputes among your loved ones after you’re gone.

Hiring an estate planning attorney can help you avoid these costly mistakes. They can review your documents to ensure they are accurate and legally binding. They can also provide valuable advice on how to structure your estate plan in a way that minimizes taxes and avoids potential legal complications.

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3. Customized Estate Plan

Every individual has unique circumstances and needs when it comes to estate planning. An estate planning attorney can create a customized plan that meets your specific goals and wishes.

They will take the time to understand your assets, family dynamics, and plans before creating a tailored estate plan for you. With their knowledge and expertise, they can recommend the best strategies to protect your assets, minimize taxes, and ensure your beneficiaries are taken care of according to your wishes.

A customized estate plan may include trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and other legal documents that work together to achieve your objectives.


Trusts are one of the most common estate planning tools used by attorneys. They can help you protect your assets from potential creditors, minimize taxes, and provide for your loved ones even after you’re gone.

There are different types of trusts that an attorney may recommend depending on your specific needs. These include revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, and more. An attorney for trust can help you determine which type of trust is best suited for your estate plan.


A will is a legal document that outlines how you want your assets to be distributed after your death. While it’s possible to create a basic will without an attorney’s help, their expertise can ensure your will is comprehensive and legally binding.

An estate planning attorney can also advise on the best strategies to minimize estate taxes through your will. They can also update your will as needed to reflect any changes in your circumstances or wishes.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that grants someone the authority to make decisions on your behalf in case you become incapacitated. An estate planning attorney from firms like Conrad Trosch & Kemmy can help you create a durable power of attorney, which allows your chosen agent to manage your financial and legal matters if you’re unable to do so.

4. Minimizing Taxes

Estate taxes can significantly reduce the value of your assets, leaving less for your loved ones. An estate planning attorney can help you structure your estate plan in a way that minimizes taxes and maximizes the amount passed down to your beneficiaries. They may recommend setting up trusts or gifting strategies to reduce the tax burden on your heirs.

Taxes may include federal estate tax, state inheritance tax, and capital gains tax. An attorney can navigate these complexities to ensure your assets are protected and passed down according to your wishes.

Federal Estate Tax

This is a tax imposed on the transfer of property upon the owner’s death. The current federal estate tax exemption is $11.7 million, meaning individuals with estates below this amount do not have to pay federal estate taxes.

However, estates above this exemption may be subject to a tax rate of up to 40%. An estate planning attorney can help you utilize strategies like gifting or setting up trusts to minimize this tax burden.

State Inheritance Tax

Some states also impose an inheritance tax on assets passed down to beneficiaries after the owner’s death. This tax varies by state and may also depend on the relationship between the deceased and the beneficiary. An estate planning attorney can advise on how to minimize this tax burden for your loved ones.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax is imposed on the profit from selling an asset, such as a stock or property. An estate planning attorney can help you structure your estate plan in a way that minimizes capital gains taxes for your beneficiaries.

5. Legal Compliance and Updates

Laws and regulations surrounding estate planning are constantly changing, and it can be challenging to keep up with them on your own. An estate planning attorney can ensure your documents are legally compliant and up-to-date. They can also review your plan periodically to make necessary updates or changes based on any changes in laws or your circumstances.

Having a trusted estate planning attorney by your side provides peace of mind that your assets are protected and your wishes will be carried out according to your plan. Legal compliance may include updating your will or trust, changing beneficiaries, or adding new legal documents to cover any gaps in your estate plan.

Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

Hiring an estate planning attorney offers numerous benefits that can greatly impact your assets, taxes, and peace of mind. They can create a customized plan that meets your unique needs and goals.

Plus, they can also help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure legal compliance with changing laws and regulations. Consider working with an estate planning attorney to protect your assets and ensure your loved ones are taken care of according to your wishes.

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