The Ultimate Move In Cleaning Checklist for Renters

move in cleaning checklist

Are you a renter?

If so, one of the excellent steps you could take is to smooth your new home earlier than shifting. This no longer most effective means you may not be burdened with cleansing obligations, however, it way you could circulate without annoying infestations.

So to make certain you’re in a smooth home from day one, be sure to have a move in cleaning checklist. But what should you consist of in it? We’ve were given you.

Below is a cleansing checklist that you can observe as you put together to transport into your next home. Read on!

Living Room

The living room is often a communal room, so it needs to be up to code on move-in day and throughout your rental. You need to vacuum the carpets and clean the living room flooring. You also need to dust surfaces, wipe down windows, mirrors, and doors, and clean light fixtures.

Another part of the checklist when cleaning a living room is checking electrical outlets and appliance cords. You also need to disinfect the remote and any other shared objects.

Don’t forget to check behind the furniture and clean or replace the air filter. Of course, don’t forget to sweep, mop, and wax any wooden furniture.

Finally, remove cobwebs and dust decorations. Wash the sofa and throw pillows, remove stubborn fingerprints, and steam clean any fabric furniture, curtains, or rugs.


A move in cleaning checklist kitchen for renters should include wiping down cabinet doors and shelving and wiping down surfaces. You should also clean behind and underneath every appliance (including the stove).

Sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Wash and polish sinks clear out the fridge, and wipe it down. Then, clean out the inside of the oven and other surfaces.

Don’t forget about the small tasks like washing the light switches. Vacuum kitchen floor mats and clean out the inside of the microwave.


When it comes to apartment cleaning, bathrooms can be overlooked. The goal should be to make sure surfaces such as counters and floors are free of dirt, hair, and grime.

Wipe down all surfaces, including walls, counters, tubs, and showers. Empty the medicine cabinet and cupboard. Clean the mirrors and glass doors. Disinfect the sink, toilet, and bathtub. Sanitize all sponges. Make sure to wipe off all fixtures, knobs, and handles.

Vacuum and mop floors. Dust baseboards, windowsills, and vents. Change bath mats and shower curtains as needed.

A cleaner bathroom may just be the fresh start you need when you’re settling into a new home. Also, if you need cleaning help since it is a huge undertaking, you can always call reliable experts at

Follow This Move in Cleaning Checklist for a Clean New Home

Following this pass-in cleansing checklist is a smooth manner to make certain that your new domestic is left spotless. Cleaning the condominium is an important part of the shifting process and might leave you feeling extra settled in your new domestic.

So what are you waiting for? Get started now and experience the benefits of a sparkling, smooth condominium!

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