Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Family


As a parent, you likely recognize the importance of your children’s dental health as well as your own and your spouse’s. However, you also probably don’t want everyone to go to a different dentist, especially if you have dental challenges that you could pass down. These are tips for choosing a dentist who will help your entire family.

Discuss Their Qualifications and Services

You want a licensed and well-educated dentist. Your prospects should also have experience with a wide range of patients and have the ability to put their patients at ease. Discuss the dental schools, professional experiences, licenses, and continuing education of all your prospects.

You should also ask what services they offer. Do they focus on routine work, such as checkups and fillings, or can they also complete orthodontics, restorative and cosmetic treatments? Then, consider the needs of your family. Also, consider dentists who offer emergency services.

Identify Dentists Who Teach Oral Health Strategies for Home

Family dentistry should focus on teaching good oral health habits. You and your children need to understand the latest strategies, and your children need to completely understand the dentist’s instructions so they can keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Find a Dentist You Can Build Rapport With

When you walk into the dentist’s office, you should feel welcome. You don’t want an office that makes you feel anxious or uncomfortable. The dentist should also communicate effectively with your entire family. You all need to feel comfortable asking questions and discussing your concerns. Your dentist should have strong listening skills. These professionals should be friendly, patient, and attentive.


Consider the Location and Hours of Operation

As you narrow your prospects, consider their location. Is it close to your home or work? If you work, you may need extended hours or availability during your lunch hour. Your children may need to see the dentist after they get out of school.

Do your due diligence. Don’t hesitate to ask any question that comes to mind. Take your time and find the right dentist for your family.