Top 10 Best Alcohol-Infused Drinks That Taste Great

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Drink up. That scotch or gin and rye you’re enjoying goes way back. Humanity, experts say, has been boozing up since at least 7,000 BCE in China.

With so many thousands of years of experimentation, we figured out something for everyone. There are drinks that will singe the hair off your chest and drinks that won’t give you any hangover. What are some alcoholic drinks that just taste good, though?

Read on as we take a look at the best alcohol out there. These are classics whether you’re going on a bar crawl at happy hour or just ordering drinks.

1. Screwdriver

Start off by trying one of the most recognizable liquor-infused drinks: the screwdriver. If you follow the latest alcohol brand news, you’ll know this one is a crowd-pleaser year after year.

The recipe is dead simple. One shot of vodka mixed with a tall glass of cold orange juice. If you like your morning OJ, you’ll fall head over heels for this – especially if you have too much.

The drink works because orange juice is already tart and sour on its own, overpowering vodka’s bite. The result is something that feels like you’re drinking a kid’s fruit packet drink.

Of course, you’ll need to be careful with this one. Since it’s hard to taste the ethanol content, you could easily overindulge. Still, keep this one on the drink menu if you’re not keen on lots of preparation.

2. Margarita

If you’re looking for more of a kick – and that classic salted rim – the margarita is next in line. Its popularity has made it explode, sending it from Mexico’s beaches to the far reaches of the world. It’s so popular that the conical glass it uses is called a margarita glass, too.

A margarita is simple to make as well. You take one part lime juice with two parts tequila. Or, conversely, you reverse the amounts if you don’t want to slur your words.

It’s best to shake this one like James Bond would prefer. The salted rim isn’t just for looks, either; it helps the liquor to go down.

3. Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned makes use of bitters. These are extracts of everything from bark to berries that create a – you guessed it – bitter, and sometimes bittersweet, taste. Paired with old rye whiskey or bourbon, it’s about the most Southern combination one could ask for.

Despite this, you’re going to want to start with a sugar cube or a tablespoon of sugar in the glass. After a dash of bitters, you pour in your liquor of choice until the sugar dissolves. A few more stirs, a cube of ice, and it’s ready to go.

This is going to be one of the stronger drinks on the list since there’s no mixer to dull it down.

4. Negroni

Negroni is a tryst between three classic ingredients: gin, Campari, and vermouth. Preparation is as simple as adding one part of each. Include some ice to chill and an orange twist to garnish.

The result is a wine-red drink that’s the darling of bartenders the world over.

5. Cosmopolitan

Sometimes, a TV show can spark a revolution in the dive bar. Sex and the City certainly did. The 90s TV show featured the cosmopolitan martini and made it famous.

Like some martinis, this one requires a shaker with ice. It’s a simple combination of cranberry juice, lime juice, and citrus vodka. Enjoy it in a frosted martini glass with lime garnish.

6. Moscow Mule

It’s hard to say where the Moscow Mule comes from. Perhaps it did make its way from Russia’s frigid streets to America’s tepid bars. Whatever the case, it’s a vodka classic that is immediately recognizable on any specialty cocktail drink menu.

First, start things cold with about three ice cubes in that special metal mug. Squeeze your lime juice and fill the bag with ice-cold ginger beer. Vodka goes in last, about one part per two or three parts of ginger beer.

Despite being a Russian drink, you’ll want a lime slice on the rim rather than a cut of radish. This drink can hit hard and be a bit of a “traitor” in how you sense the alcohol content – almost like you’ve been poisoned by a Russian sleeper agent!

7. Martini

Though Bond wanted it shaken, alcohol experts all know this is wrong. You don’t shake clean martinis, you stir them. Martinis are strong, made with a sizable portion of vodka or gin, and splashed with vermouth.

Plop in a line of olives on a toothpick and it’s ready to go.

8. Mojito

Mojito is the drink that looks like it’s got a bunch of seaweed floating around in it. Another simple recipe, it’s just mint leaves swimming in white rum, lime juice, and sweet syrup for taste.

Fun fact, it’s long believed that Ernest Hemingway adored this drink.

9. Whiskey Sour

If other strong whiskey cocktails don’t appeal to you, then the whiskey sour might be the ticket. It’s a curious option on this list since it often includes egg whites, lemon juice, and a tablespoon of sugar. This helps to declaw the two parts of whiskey.

It’s got a cloudy orange appearance that is a lot less threatening than the clear liquor options above.

10. French 75

During World War I, shelling was the demoralization tactic of choice. Soldiers across the front endured endless artillery barrages that likely inspired the famed “no end in sight” phrase. Getting hit by a shell was quite the kick, and thus the name “French 75,” a reminder of the French 75mm gun.

The ingredients at first seem quite harmless. It’s equal parts gin and champagne, mixed with sweet syrup to taste and some lemon juice.

Preparation is a bit different for this one. First, you mix the lemon juice, syrup, and gin in a shaker. Then you pour it into the glass and top it off with freshly-popped champagne.

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The best alcohol out there doesn’t need to be a complicated drink that requires hours of preparation. All of the world’s most popular drinks usually take a handful of ingredients and a few minutes of behind-the-counter labor. They’re all enjoyable and taste great – likely the reason for their staying power.

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