Virginia Department of Health: Promoting Public Health and Safety in Virginia

virginia department of health


The Virginia Department of Health is a state organization that advances and safeguards the soundness of Virginians. Learn about their services, including COVID-19 testing and vaccination, and the Department of Health Professions License Lookup. If you’re an inhabitant of Virginia, you’ve probably known about the Virginia Division of Well-being (VDH). The VDH is liable for advancing general well-being and security in Virginia by giving many administrations and projects to protect occupants’ sound. From Coronavirus testing to sanitation reviews, the VDH is critical in safeguarding the well-being and prosperity of Virginia occupants.

What is the Virginia Department of Health?

The Virginia Division of Well-being is a state organization liable for advancing and safeguarding the strength of Virginians. The State Well-being Chief drives the office. It comprises numerous divisions, including the Workplace of The Study of disease transmission, the Workplace of Ecological Well-being Administrations, and the Workplace of Well-being Value. The VDH gives many administrations and projects, including sickness surveillance and control, well-being instruction and advancement, food handling reviews, and more.

Virginia Health Department COVID

In 2020, the VDH was essential to Virginia’s reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic. The division worked intimately with nearby well-being offices, medical care suppliers, and local area associations to give testing, contact following, and immunization administrations throughout the state. The VDH likewise created rules and conventions for organizations, schools, and different associations to assist with forestalling the spread of Coronavirus. 

Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 Dashboard

The VDH Coronavirus dashboard gives current data about Coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and immunizations in Virginia. The dashboard incorporates state and nearby levels information and segment information about patients and inoculations.

Virginia Department of Health Vital Records

The VDH Essential Records division is answerable for keeping up with and giving birth, demise, marriage, and separation records in Virginia. The division provides data and assets for acquiring duplicates of essential documents and data about the cycle for changing or remedying indispensable forms.

Virginia Department of Health Immunization Requirements

The VDH Vaccination Necessities program gives data and assets to guardians, medical care suppliers, and schools about the inoculation prerequisites for kids in Virginia. The program attempts to guarantee that kids are shielded from antibody-preventable infections and assists with advancing solid networks.

Virginia Department of Health Professions License Lookup

The VDH’s Branch of Well-being Callings Permit Query is a significant asset if you’re searching for data about medical services suppliers in Virginia. The permit query permits you to look for authorized medical care experts, including specialists, attendants, and dental specialists, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can likewise look for data about disciplinary activities and objections against medical services experts. 

Virginia Department of Health Emergency Preparedness and Response

The VDH Crisis, Readiness, and Reaction program attempt to safeguard the general well-being and security during crises and fiascos in Virginia. For more info about Health Partners Urgent Care.


What is the mission of the Virginia Branch of Wellbeing?

The mission of the Virginia Part of Prosperity is to progress and shield the strength, things being what they are. The office attempts to accomplish this mission by offering different assistance and projects, including infection reconnaissance and control, well-being instruction, and advancement, food handling examinations, and more.

What is the Virginia healthcare number?

The Virginia Medical Care number is a complementary number that gives data and helps Virginia inhabitants who need assistance getting to medical services administrations. The number is 1-888-392-5132.

Who licenses hospitals in Virginia?

Medical clinics in Virginia are authorized by the Virginia Branch of Wellbeing’s Office of Licensure and Accreditation. The workplace is answerable for guaranteeing that medical services offices in Virginia meet state and government guidelines and norms. My site

Virginia Department of Health Table

Disease surveillance and controlTracking and responding to outbreaks of infectious diseases
Health education and promotionOnline resources for searching for licensed healthcare professionals and complaints against them
Food safety inspectionsEnsuring that food establishments meet health and safety standards
COVID-19 testing and vaccinationProviding testing and vaccination services during the COVID-19 pandemic
Department of Health Professions License LookupOnline resource for searching for licensed healthcare professionals and complaints against them
Office of Environmental Health ServicesRegulating and monitoring environmental health risks, such as air and water quality