Common Reasons Homeowners Need Boom Truck Rentals

Boom Truck Rental

As a homeowner, you may find yourself needing access to a boom truck rental more often than you’d expect. A boom truck, also called a bucket truck, is a versatile vehicle used to lift workers and heavy equipment to work at heights. While commercial contractors use these trucks frequently, you’d be surprised at how often regular homeowners need them as well.

Perform Exterior Home Maintenance

Perhaps the most common reason homeowners need a boom truck is for exterior home maintenance. Things like pressure washing, roof inspection, window cleaning, siding repairs, and gutter cleaning all often require working at unsafe heights without proper fall protection. Renting a bucket truck allows you to position the bucket right where you need it so that you can safely do the work. No more risky ladders or gravity. You remain securely inside the bucket’s safety harness the entire time.

Trim Overgrown Trees

If you have trees around your home, you’ll eventually need to trim back limbs that overhang the roof and brush up against the exterior walls. While a professional tree service is usually best for major branch removal or falling dangerous trees, you can likely trim and shape most of your trees yourself with the help of a rented boom lift truck. The truck allows you to safely operate a chainsaw and saw through limbs while positioned right alongside or underneath them.

Install Exterior Holiday Decorations

Putting up outdoor Christmas lights and other exterior holiday decorations yourself always seems easy until you’re teetering at the top of an extension ladder stringing lights across the second story eaves. Renting a boom lift truck lets you decorate the entire exterior of your home from the safety and convenience of an aerial work platform basket. You can fully concentrate on hanging lights and trimming bushes rather than worrying about balance or falls.

Clean Out Gutters

Does cleaning out the gutters involve precariously leaning over the edge of a ladder to reach clogged downspouts and pull out leaves and debris? Then a truck-mounted bucket lift simplifies the process considerably. The bucket truck positions you right alongside each section of gutters so that you can drag tools along them or scoop out debris with both hands while firmly standing on a platform with fall protection. No more risk of sliding off slippery ladders or trying not to fall off the roof line.

Inspect the Roof

The roof is probably the most essential component of your home that keeps the outside elements out of the interior living spaces. But it’s also challenging to access and inspect closely each year. Homeowners should examine the entire roof at least annually to check for any damaged, loose or missing shingles, notice leaks early, and verify proper water runoff into gutters. While a contractor with a boom lift can certainly perform this type of detailed inspection, you can easily rent a self-propelled boom lift yourself that allows thorough roof access for examination and minor repairs.

Renting a Bucket Truck is Safer and More Convenient

Completing home maintenance, trimming trees, decorating, cleaning gutters, or inspecting roofs all become much simpler and safer with a rented boom truck lift. You gain easy aerial access to hard-to-reach areas without worrying about dangerous ladders or falls. Consider renting a man lift platform the next time you need stable overhead access around your property.