How to Spot a Lemon


There’s nothing like a walk to the beach, but you may live too far away. You can make things easy by buying a car to ride around in the Florida sun. If you want to save money, consider buying a used car, but don’t invest in a lemon. Here are some tips to spot and avoid buying a lemon in Orlando.


Regardless of what the seller says about inspections, take the time to do your own. You can do a visual inspection of the car from the inside out. Inspect everything from the seats to the trunk to the wheels to the ignition. However, play it safe and hire a third-party inspector to do an even more thorough one.


Do you have your heart set on a particular car model? If so, you may jump at the chance to get one available at a used price. Play it safe and do some research to see if the car you’re buying has had any recalls in recent years. You can do a general search on the brand model’s website. You can also ask the seller directly if there are any recalls and if there’s any supporting documentation. A simple Google search may also help you find details about any issues that the brand may have had. You can also contact lemon law lawyers Orlando for more insight.


In addition to the overall brand history regarding recalls, you should have a thorough history of the car you intend to buy. Has the car been in any accidents, or are there any financial obligations against it? You can get a vehicle history report to ease your mind. One of the biggest things to look for is odometer fraud. Unfortunately, odometer fraud is more common than you may think. According to the NHTSA, American car owners lose over a billion dollars annually because of this practice.

Road Test

A road test is the norm when you buy a new car, and you should conduct one when buying a used car as well. There shouldn’t be any reason you can’t take a car out for a road test beforehand. If the owner refuses to let you do so, it’s best to walk away. After all, once you buy the car, it’ll be your responsibility, so you must ensure you can comfortably drive it on those Orlando streets. You need to get a feel about how it operates. Listen to the engine and notice the comfort of the steering.  Do things feel wobbly? Is it easy to brake quickly? If your safety may be in danger, these are things a road test can tell you.

Seller Attitude

Pay attention to the attitude of the person or company selling you a car. After all, that seller may know they have a lemon on their hands and therefore may be eager to get rid of it for any amount. Notice how well the seller does or doesn’t answer your questions. Do they seem evasive? Does the offer seem almost too good to be true?

You don’t want to get stuck with a lemon on your hands. Getting a used car can save you in terms of money and time. However, don’t forget there are unscrupulous people who are more than willing to take advantage and sell you a lemon. While you want a nice ride to the beach or day trips to Disney World, take the time to find a safe one that won’t cost you more money than you paid.