Unlocking the Secrets: How to Download Videos from Instagram

How to Download Videos from Instagram

Unlock the secrets of How to Download Videos from Instagram effortlessly. Master the art of content acquisition from Instagram’s labyrinthine depths.

Instagram is one of the most famous social media structures for sharing photographs and short movies. With over 1 billion monthly active users, a staggering 95 million videos and photos are shared on Instagram daily.

Sometimes you may want to download and save videos posted on Instagram, whether shared by friends, favorite influencers, or pages you follow.

Downloading Instagram videos allows you to watch them offline, share via messaging apps, or archive memorable footage.

This guide will teach you multiple methods to download videos from Instagram, along with tips to use them legally and ethically.

Why Download Instagram Videos?

Here are some common reasons people want to download videos from Instagram:


Downloading Instagram videos to your device allows you to access them easily for offline viewing compared to watching directly on the app. This makes it convenient to watch saved videos during commutes or when internet connectivity is limited.

Offline Viewing

Downloading lets you watch videos on flights, road trips or anywhere internet access may be unreliable. This makes saving Instagram videos ideal for travelers.


Certain messaging and social media apps may not support sharing Instagram video downloader links. Downloading videos allows you to easily share them with friends and followers on different platforms.

How to Download Videos from Instagram

Things to Know Before Downloading

Before you start downloading Instagram videos, keep these key things in mind:

Instagram Video Formats

Instagram videos are typically uploaded in MP4 or MOV formats. Depending on the download method used, you may get MP4 files.

Video Quality

Instagram compresses and downscales video uploads for optimization. So downloaded videos are usually not in full, original resolution unless uploaded at a lower size.

Copyright Considerations

Users may not own full copyrights to videos uploaded on Instagram. Downloading and sharing such videos without permission could infringe copyrights. Always check if you have the right to download and share a video.

Methods Of How to Download Videos from Instagram

There are a few ways to save Instagram videos to your device or cloud storage. Let’s look at the main options:

Using Third-Party Apps and Websites

The easiest way to download Instagram videos is by using dedicated downloader tools available as smartphone apps or online websites. Here are some popular options:

Website Downloaders

Tools like SaveFrom.net and SSSTik.io allow quickly downloading videos by entering the Instagram video link. Some even offer add-ons and browser extensions for convenience.

Mobile Apps

Downloader apps like Insaver and INSTA Downloader offer robust downloading options directly on your iPhone or Android phone. This allows you to save videos from your feed or DMs instantly.

Screen Recording Method

On iPhone and Android devices, built-in screen recording functions can be used to capture and save Instagram videos. However, this is more time-consuming than using dedicated tools. Video quality is also lower when screen recording.

Using Instagram’s Download Data Tool

Instagram lets you request a download of your personal data including photos, videos, messages, etc. This takes a few days but gives you a backup of your own videos. It’s not suitable for saving other users’ public videos.

How to download videos from Instagram without a watermark

Some Instagram videos have watermarks featuring the profile name or logo. If you want to download videos without the watermarks, here are a couple of options:

  • Use the Insaver or 4K Stogram apps which allow removing watermarks during download.
  • Screen record the video using your device’s built-in screen recorder. Point the recorder to capture the video without including the watermarked user details on top.
  • Use a video editor app to crop out the watermarked segments after downloading. Kapwing Video Editor is a good free online editing tool for this.
  • Download the video using SaveFrom.net or SSSTik.io sites, then run it through Adobe Premiere Pro to crop out watermarks from the clip.

The easiest method is using a downloader tool like Insaver that can remove watermarks automatically during the saving process. But the other methods also work well for stripping watermarks away, giving you clean copies of the videos to enjoy.

How to download videos from Instagram online

If you want to download Instagram videos directly on your computer without using a mobile app, there are some great online options:

  • SaveFrom.net – This handy website allows downloading Instagram videos by simply entering the post URL. Supports MP4 format downloads.
  • SSSTik.io – Another excellent online tool that downloads videos in MP4 format in one click. Provides browser extensions too.
  • 4K Stogram – This is a desktop application available for Windows and Mac OS. Lets you batch-download videos along with metadata.
  • InstaDP – Both a website and Google Chrome extension. Downloads videos in MP4 format from public profiles.
  • IMGInn – A fast web tool that downloads videos in MP4 format in your desired resolution. No software is needed.
  • Gramisto – Available as a web downloader and Firefox/Chrome extension. Strips watermarks during download. Click for more info How to Manifest Someone.

The benefit of online downloaders is convenience – you can save Instagram videos directly from your computer. Great for quickly grabbing videos to use in projects or share online.

How to Download Videos from Instagram

Tips for Downloading Instagram Videos

Follow these tips for responsibly downloading and storing Instagram videos:

Check the Video Copyright Status

Always verify if you have permission from the creator to download and share a video. Avoid downloading videos with music or content you do not own rights to.

Download in the Best Available Quality

Use downloader tools that allow selecting video resolution to save clips in the highest quality possible. This gives you crisp, clear footage.

Store Downloaded Videos Securely

Keep downloaded Instagram videos safely backed up on external drives or cloud storage in case your phone gets damaged or lost.

Pros and Cons of Downloading Instagram Videos


  • Watch videos offline
  • Easily share videos with friends
  • Archive memorable videos
  • Access videos when originals are deleted


  • Compressed video quality
  • Time-consuming if download multiple videos
  • Potential copyright issues if re-sharing illegally

Final Words: How to Download Videos from Instagram

Downloading Instagram videos can be highly convenient but sometimes don’t know How to Download Videos from Instagram, when you want to view content offline, share special moments with friends and family, or preserve memories. However, it is crucial to only save videos that you have full rights to access and distribute. Using dedicated downloader apps and websites makes it quick and easy to legally save public Instagram videos you want to keep. Just be mindful of copyrights before resharing downloaded content.

FAQs About How to Download Videos from Instagram

Is it illegal to download Instagram videos?

Generally no, as long as you only download videos you have permission or rights to access. Public videos shared by influencers are okay. But re-sharing or distributing private/copyrighted videos without permission is illegal.

Can I download videos I’m tagged in by friends?

You can download public videos you’re tagged in. But for non-public tagged videos, you would need permission from the creator to download.

Will downloading videos from Instagram reduce their quality?

Usually yes, since Instagram compresses uploads. So downloaded videos are lower resolution than original files. But some tools allow saving in HD quality available on Instagram.

Can I download videos from private Instagram accounts?

No, you can’t download private videos from accounts you don’t follow without permission. Only public videos shared on the app can be downloaded.

What are the best free tools for downloading Instagram videos?

Some recommended free tools are the Insaver mobile app, the SaveFrom.net website, and the 4K Stogram desktop app. These let you quickly save videos in high quality.